Old-Fashioned Shaving is Still the Best


It is amazing how many men in today’s world actually prefer the close shave they get from using the traditional wet-shaving “tools” from the days of their fathers and grandfathers. Shaving enthusiasts prefer that real barbershop shave and can get that shave when the lather in a mug is thick and rich and is applied with a quality brush after stropping up a straight razor. Considering that shaving is a ritual that will be performed approximately 13,000 times in a man’s life, it deserves the best procedure.

Why deal with plastic disposable razors and aerosol cans that end up clogging landfills? The above wet-shaving recommendations will last a lifetime as they give a comfortable, closer and far less expensive shave that also slows the re-growth of hair.

Straight edge razors

Talented artisans make these high quality razors that are works of art and are meant to last a lifetime. Designed by one individual craftsman, each part is created and assembled in the U.S.A.

Shaving Brushes

Badger hair is considered to be best for a super quality shaving brush. The luxurious soft but firm abundant bristles hold soap bubbles and warm water to quickly build up a superb lather for a fantastically smooth shave. Pure horse hair brushes are also popular, and the hair is collected painlessly from the mane or tail. They cost less than badger hair brushes while still offering great water retention and other qualities.

Learn more about spectacular shaving ideas and the product involved by visiting our website or contacting us.

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