Pregnancy and Child Birth – Her Wisdom, Her Work

Child birth – it’s like an involuntary process – like breathing. But, today a woman is constantly drilled with constant counseling and millions of instructions about child birth that created dark and perilous clouds of fear in her mind.


“Do this for your baby” or “Don’t eat this” . She in fact ends up listening to everyone – fearing about all the consequence – right from the authority figures, from the medical experts, from the machines and the lab tests. The only thing which is not told to, is to listen to her own body, her inner wisdom and her natural instinct as a woman and a mother.

Pregnancy and motherhood is not just a medical event

With pregnancy and child birth a woman redefines her whole being. She will remain herself – and yet she will change kith and kin– her body type, bones, the muscles and their tones, the hormones surging within, the blood flowing through her veins, her emotional and mental state and every single cell in her body. Every thing, literally changes.

Respect her choices during pregnancy. It’s her fundamental human right.

It’s completely a mother’s choice to decide in which environment she should be. She should be able to trust herself and her surroundings. Isn’t it a fundamental human right of the pregnant woman to be respected as the decision maker for her own care and her baby’s care?

Instead st times, the health cares and nursing homes treats a pregnant women like patients, subjecting them to interventions, procedures and check-ups without their informed consent. Many, many women come out of such experiences feeling violated, abused and traumatized. But, often keep their mouth shut either out of fear or out of ignorance.

All women around the world should know their rights during pregnancy and child birth. At at day’s end, she should be happy.

Stressing out during the first pregnancy effect badly both the child’s and baby’s health. She should always take a few minutes a day to relax her body and mind. She could probably read a magazine or meditate. You could also try playing a few online games such as poker or bingo games —they are quite of stress busters!

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