Welcome Home Parties for Active Duty Military

Welcome our Military men home


image source: Pixabay

When beloved family members return from military tours or war, all of their friends and family are overrun with joy, excitement, and relief. This special occasion demands a joyous party involving all who love and respect an individual employed by the armed forces. The best decorating involves patriotism, celebrating everything the individual has done and sacrificed to protect the United States of America.

Red, White, and Blue Refreshments
Everyone will require refreshments during a long party, but the refreshments do not have to be standard and boring. Beverages and snacks can all be prepared in patriotic colors, from blue sodas and red juices to red, white, and blue confections. For families who are only providing healthier refreshments, several fruits and berries can provide this trio of patriotic colors.

Letting the Flags Fly
Naturally, there is nothing that is more patriotic than a country’s flag. A real American flag should be raised in honor of the soldier, especially at his or her home. Smaller flags might adorn centerpieces at party tables, or they might be proudly displayed on walls and in windows. The most important flag is going to require a large flag post, so that it may wave freely in the wind in celebration.

Fireworks Celebration
One of the many forms of entertainment that Americans use to celebrate freedom is fireworks. From elaborate displays to simple and beautiful cannons, fireworks are mesmerizing and exciting. Sparklers are used as well, a fun activity for both small children and older teens. However, combat veterans may not handle fireworks displays very well. For those with PTSD, a fireworks display could trigger post traumatic stress. Each homecoming should be planned with the soldier’s well-being in mind.

Drafting a Playlist
There are thousands of patriotic songs in existence, across all different genres. Music is a great way to set the mood for an event, especially for a patriotic homecoming. It can also get the children dancing, burning off all of their energy that has built up due to the excitement of the homecoming. Several online sources provide top lists for patriotic songs, making it easy to produce one’s own playlist for a party.

All American soldiers deserve to be welcomed home warmly and lovingly. They make incredible sacrifices for their country; including risking their lives and leaving their families for long periods of time. Extravagant parties show them how much they are missed and loved when they are gone.

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