Buying Jayhawk Apparel Online

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University of Kansas fans who want to show support for their sports teams will be delighted to find an online retailer that offers a variety of Jayhawk apparel. They can click here on the retailer’s website to buy clothing and other items.

Fans who want apparel that will keep them warm during an outdoor game in cold weather can buy sweatshirts or hoodies. Basketball sweatshirts are available in navy blue. Sweatshirts with a Jayhawks design come in royal blue. Hoodies are available in red, royal blue and gray. Shoppers can buy knit caps or winter hats to keep their heads warm.

Clothing to wear in warm weather includes T-shirts. T-shirts with the Jayhawks design come in red and royal blue. Customers can buy short-sleeved basketball T-shirts in navy and royal blue. Shirts with the school logo are available in royal blue, red, brown and pink. Umbrellas, can holders and water bottles are some of the items that people might want to bring to game that is played during the spring or early fall.

Dog owners who want their pets to show support for the school teams can buy dog collars and leashes.

Fans who want to show their support for the school everywhere they go can buy license plates, license plate frames and car decals.


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