Practical Presents for Moms 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and people are starting to run out of gift ideas quickly. One would think that gift giving becomes easier every year and yet you are faced with the same dilemma over and over again. Let us try to make things easy this year by finding simple and useful items for the lady of the house. Here are a few practical presents for Moms that can help with your gift hunting this year.

Kitchen Aids. Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen especially if they are hands-on in preparing family meals. You can make this season bright by giving some of her kitchen appliances an upgrade or bring in some new stuff. Air fryers like the NutriChef Electric Air Fyer can be a good option for moms who like to prepare healthy meals. Air fryers allow you to cook fried dishes with less oil and still enjoy the same crisp you get from deep frying.

Comfort Providers. Soft pillows and sheets can help moms get a restful sleep at the end of each day. This Christmas you can take your pick among sheets and beddings made from Egyptian cotton, silk or bamboo materials and give your mom a comfortable rest. Shops like Bed Bath and Beyond offer plenty of options for people on a budget as well as those who want to splurge. You may also add some stylish and comfortable sleepwear in your choice of practical presents for mom and impress her with it.


Pampering Packages. You can go beyond just comfort by giving your mom a full pampering package at her favourite spa. It is one of the best ways to recharge the mind and body after the holidays. If you have the budget for it then book her for a weekend at a Wellness Spa and Resort for a well-deserved treat.

Subscription Boxes. Your mom may also enjoy a year-long treat of beauty products from different brands through subscription boxes. One of the popular subscription boxes for beauty products is Glossybox. They offer 5 beauty products from different high end brands in each box and are priced lower than their actual retail value. These boxes are delivered to subscribers every month until the subscription expires. The beauty of this kind of present is that your mom gets reminded of your thoughtfulness every time she receives a box.


Tech Tools. Moms can be techie too so put some of your gadget know-how into use by finding a tech tool for her. You can take your pick among fitness bands, pocket printers, smart watches, or the latest phablet models as your practical presents for mom this year. There are also cool kitchen gadgets like the Hiku fridge magnet that creates your grocery list and helps you shop for supplies online.


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