Fertility Boosting Tips: How To Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving Naturally

Many of us go through life with an assumption that we’ll find love, settle down, and have a baby. But life isn’t always so simple. It can take time to fall pregnant, and sometimes, it’s not possible to conceive naturally. If you’ve decided you’re ready for a baby, or you’ve already started trying, here are some fertility boosting tips.

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Lifestyle choices

You’re more likely to conceive naturally if you and your partner are fit and healthy. If you’ve decided you’d like to expand your family, now is the time to get in shape and focus on your health. If you’re overweight or obese, this can reduce fertility. Smoking and drinking excessively can also affect your chances of conceiving a baby. If your BMI is too high, take steps to reduce it. Stick to a healthy eating plan, and increase the amount of exercise you do. Avoid fatty, sugary foods, and use an app or a food diary to monitor your calorie intake. If you’re trying to cut down on drinking, pour smaller measures and switch up your social activities. Swap nights out at a bar for a trip to the movies or a date at a restaurant. Quitting smoking is tough. But it will provide you with important health benefits, including improved fertility. If you do fall pregnant, giving up will also be incredibly beneficial for your baby.

Stress can also have a negative impact on fertility. Sometimes, when it’s taking a little longer than you’d hoped to conceive, you can put pressure on yourselves. Try to relax, and stay calm. This is easier said than done. But so many couples enjoy success when they stop panicking and let nature take its course.


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Fertility tracking

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, it may boil down to not having intercourse frequently enough, or having sex at the wrong time. Fertility tracking enables you to identify your most fertile days. At this point, your chances of conceiving are highest. Using an ovulation calendar can increase your chances significantly. All you need is the date of your last period.


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Seek advice

If you’re having troubles, don’t plod on with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Seek advice from your doctor. Most doctors recommend getting help if you’ve been trying for a year without success. Just because you haven’t had any joy in that 12-month period doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have children. Sometimes, these things take a little longer than expected. When you see your doctor, they will carry out tests to determine if there is an underlying cause, which may be affecting your fertility. If there is, this will be treated as a priority. If there is no obvious problem, it may be a case of trying for longer. If there are problems, which can’t be remedied, you don’t have to give up your dreams of parenthood. There are other options out there. Fertility treatments, such as IVF and medication may be recommended. You could also consider surrogacy or adoption.


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Many of us hope to conceive naturally without any problems at all. But sadly, this is not always possible. Use these tips to boost our chances of conceiving naturally. If you don’t have any luck, seek advice from your doctor. There may be treatments out there than can help. Good luck!

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