Three Easy Ways to Lose Weight While You Cook


Cooking can be a fun and rewarding hobby to take up by yourself or with friends and family, but what happens when a few of those indulgent meals cause you to gain some unwanted pounds? Not to worry, there are plenty of easy ways to lose weight while cooking! Here are the three super easy tips!

Drink More Water

The first tip is so easy that you probably won’t believe it works, but experts say it’s true! All you have to do is this: drink lots of ice water! When a cold beverage enters your body, your internal body temperature is decreased, and this causes your body to rapidly burn calories re-heating your insides! If your body didn’t do this quickly and efficiently, your internal organs would be in danger, so with every cold beverage you are guaranteed to burn calories! But be careful; you can completely cancel the benefits by drinking cold beverages that contain calories! Ice water has no calories, and therefore, when you drink it, amounts to negative calories just like exercising! Try to set a goal for yourself while cooking; if you decide to drink an entire eight-ounce glass of ice water, make sure you do it!

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Move Around

The second easy tip is movement! While you work on the meal you are preparing, you will be moving about the kitchen and burning a few calories here and there. If you up the ante, however, you can burn a whole lot more! Do you have a few minutes while the oven preheats? Try this easy way to burn a few bonus calories: go up and down a flight of stairs twice! You won’t look as crazy as would if you dropped to the floor for ten pushups, and you won’t have to touch the floor at all! If you live or cook somewhere without stairs, try to make a few trips around the floor you happen to be cooking on. Basically, keep in mind that any extra movement that you can incorporate into your cooking routine will make a difference in the amount of calories you burn!

Try Some Ankle Weights

The third tip is just an easy addition to tip number two; ever heard of those ankle weights you can wear around the house? Those can be worn while you cook to ensure that every time you take a step you burn more calories than you normally would! Don’t have ankle weights? Improvise! Fill a sock with rice and tie it loosely to your foot! Now when you take that trip up and down the stairs—or around your house or apartment—you’ll burn even more calories than you would without them! It’s just that easy!

These three tips are the easiest ways to burn calories while cooking. They won’t burn an ridiculous amount, but the point is to start burning more than before! Add a few more tactics like eating a vegetable before every meal to fill you up, and you’ll be amazed at how the pounds just fall off! Good luck with these easy weight loss tips, and have fun cooking!

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