How To Survive Travelling With Young Children

Going on a well-deserved break is a fantastic idea for any family. But travelling with a young child abroad has always been considered challenging. The thought of your child continually screaming and crying on a flight or car journey may put you off booking a trip altogether. But with some careful planning and preparation, there is no reason why you can’t survive travelling with an infant. Use this guide to introduce your child to the wonders of travel and have a peaceful, stress-free journey there and back again.





Give yourself plenty of time

Young children and babies always require structure and routine. So spontaneous trips are probably not a good idea, especially when travelling abroad. There is a big chance you will forget something which could make the difference between a happy or sad baby. You want your child to feel at ease and a last minute dash won’t help. So book everything well in advance so you have enough time to get organised and ensure you have everything you need. It could give you the chance to save money to go to Lapland in winter to see Santa Clause or visit Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

It will also give you time to find the perfect accommodation and utilise family deals and discounts on accommodation and tickets. There are plenty of benefits to booking in advance so do it as soon as possible.

Family Travel



Schedule stops along your route

If you’re going on a family road trip, it’s vital that you make time for stops. Plan your route before you leave and make sure you know exactly where you are going to stop. Sitting in one position for extended periods of time can become dull and uncomfortable very quickly. So stop once an hour for a quick break where you can all stretch your legs and have a breath of fresh air. It will also be ideal for nappy changes and grabbing a bite to eat. If your baby is fast asleep when you’re coming up towards your stop, keep on driving. There’s no point waking them up if you don’t have to. These stop may prevent you from reaching your destination quickly but they will make the journey less stressful for you all.

Plan when you are leaving

As previously said, young children like the stability of a routine and disrupting it can cause confusion and tantrums. So carefully plan when you are going to head off on your travels. Leaving in the middle of the night is not ideal as it will throw off their meal and nap times. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling by train, car or plane, aim to leave around breakfast time. You can then feed them their breakfast in the car on the way to the airport or station. This will keep their routine intact and will help you reduce the risk of tears just before you leave.

With this guide and plenty of preparation, you can rest assured your baby will be happy and comfortable when travelling. So reduce your stress levels and enjoy introducing your infant to the world.


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