A New Journey

Yay! I have not traveled much to anywhere. However, I had so much fun researching, and learning about a place called “Jake’s” in the Caribbean. I spent so much time reading reviews, personal accounts, and their history, that I felt I had been there. I started out writing it for fun, but it turned out to be an article of over 1,000 words. I truly loved reading and learning about this place – so much so that I really want to visit there someday.

Right now, it is late. I’m tired, and rambling. It’s three in the morning! What am I doing up? I’m excited…I’ve been accepted to write for today.com and I have the possibility of writing for a national television show! So, I’m sure you can understand my excitement. Sure, I’ve written for some awesome websites and companies, but should I be given the opportunity to write for this… well, that would be more than wonderful!

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  1. Jamie

    May 4, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Way to go! I imagine you would be excited… Hope it works out.

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