Choosing Bedding for a Baby Crib

You visited countless stores and websites, pored over pictures and changed your mind half a dozen times before you finally decided on the perfect baby crib for your precious little one. Now it is time to select bedding that is just as ideal. If you thought there was no end to the infant furniture available, just wait until you start shopping for sheets and blankets. Beginning with a list of considerations can help you narrow down the choices before you even start shopping.

Considering the style of your baby crib and other nursery furniture can help you choose bedding that complements the décor. For example, if you have primarily traditional furnishings, you might want to choose sheets, bumpers and other linens that lean toward classic, such as a quilt or seersucker design. If your nursery scheme leans toward modern, you can select something trendier. Of course, there is no law against being eclectic. Look for a style that speaks to you.

Your newborn’s gender is likely a major influence on your choice of baby crib bedding. You probably would not select a glittery pink butterfly set for a boy or a dinosaur collection for a girl –although you certainly could, if you wanted to! If you are waiting to find out your baby’s gender or are planning on multiples and want to stick with a single theme, you can always opt for a neutral arrangement such as teddy bears in beige and brown or a French toile design.

Finally, you will want to consider the size, fabric and price of the bedding you buy. Most cribs are a universal size, and so sheets are as well. However, there are times when you may require a special size, such as if you purchased a round crib or had your baby crib custom made. These special circumstances will have an effect on the bedding you select. Fabric should be soft, hypoallergenic and easy to care for and the price should, of course, fit your budget.

Once you have contemplated all of these factors, you will be well armed to take on the baby boutiques, child super stores and new parent websites to find the ideal set of bedding for your tiny new sweetheart.

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