Travel with the kids: The easy way

Travel with the kids: The easy way

A visit to Europe can be a great trip for the whole family, with easy road and rail links across the continent meaning you can experience an array of cultures and sights in one short break. Speedy services from London make it possible to hop across the channel in less than 2 hours, by taking a euro train to one of many destinations. Despite the excitement of holidaying in Europe, car and train journeys with kids can be testing! Cramped conditions, warmer weather and bickering siblings can all put a dampener on a family holiday. By pre-planning and researching your trip to Europe, you can ensure a relaxing and fun holiday for all family members.

Although kids are reluctant to go to school some days, Mums will know that an educational environment is rewarding for their children. A holiday shouldn’t feel like a lesson, a though trip to Europe can also be educational, by planning activities that introduce kids to these new destinations in an enjoyable way.

When visiting a capital city, be sure to balance activities, as Mum and Dad’s must-visit art gallery could easily be your 10 year old’s worst nightmare! Always research in advance: is there a café for those much-needed pits-stops? Is there a children’s trail, guide book or activity on offer? This should give a good indication of how child-friendly a visit will be. Usually the larger, government-funded museums are the best bet, rather than private or niche interest galleries. Struggling to find something? Science museums often feature interactive exhibitions, high-tech installations and a range of media to keep children entertained. And remember – any indoor activity should be balanced with time outdoors: Parks in continental Europe provide THE perfect free way to pass an afternoon.

Whilst on route to your destination or destinations, introducing an educational aspect into the journey will help to pass the time and keep kids from getting bored. Get youngsters involved with the planning stages of your holiday, which should help keep them engaged en route. Use an atlas and road map to show your destination and work together to plan your course. If travelling with more than one child, equip each with a printed map, notebook and coloured pens – this should prevent any squabbles! – and plan activities around these. Mark stopping points on the maps, and time these evenly so children have something to look forward to and are aware of when they’ll next be out of the car and able to stretch their legs. Research landmarks, towns, monuments and points of interest along the way, and encourage kids to look out for these markers. Assigning these activities will help keep minds focused, give some useful educational info and should prevent any ‘Are we nearly there yet!?’ questioning!

Travel to Europe can be fun and rewarding for the whole family. With a little pre-planning and research, a holiday to multiple countries on the continent can be stress-free and have educational benefits too.

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