The Key To Having A Healthy Pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy is essential, whether you’re carrying your own baby or helping somebody by being their surrogate. Making sure the baby is born in optimal health is a must, as some complications can occur if you don’t.

You should be getting plenty of rest, and making sure you avoid things like smoking and drinking. Taking a pregnancy vitamin can ensure the baby is getting all of the right things, like calcium and folic acid. Some people think that exercise is bad for the baby, but you can and should continue to exercise throughout the pregnancy for the best results. You’ll find the baby is healthier and you give birth easier! Plus, you’ll bounce back faster as a bonus.

Practicing kegel exercises will help you when giving birth, and prevent you from becoming incontinent later on, which can be very embarrassing. Wearing comfortable clothing is a must, so make sure you treat yourself to some nice maternity wear. Your shoes are especially important, as feet can get swollen and sore during pregnancy!

Finally, make sure you track your weight gain to ensure you’re on track is important. The ‘eating for two’ rule is actually a myth, and can lead to way too much weight gain during pregnancy. You actually only need to up your calories by around 200 towards the end of the pregnancy. Check with your doctor to be sure, though!

The following infographic contains some valuable information for those who are surrogates!

Infographic Created By surrogate mother process

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