BFFs And Pregnancy: Here’s What To Do When Your Best Friend Has A Baby

If you and your best friend have always been as thick as thieves, you will probably think that nothing can ever come between the two of you. However, there is one life event that might make the dynamics between you ever so slightly different – having a baby! Once one of you becomes a mother, things might change in your relationship. After all, mom won’t have quite as much time to hang out anymore! If your BFF is about to give birth, you might be worried that this will put a strain on your relationship. However, if you do all the following things, you will find that you will remain best friends and will also play an important role in the new baby’s life!



Spoil Her

Once the baby arrives, your friend will feel far from glam. She will swap glamorous clothes for slacks, and will usually be covered in baby sick! So she won’t be feeling as stylish as she once did! So why not spoil her by treating her to some nice new clothes? This is an especially great idea if she doesn’t have the time to get out and go shopping herself. If you want, you might also like to buy your friend some special treats while you sort out some cute baby shower gifts before the baby even arrives!

Bring Her Lots Of Food


It may not seem like a huge gesture, but I’m sure your new mommy friend will love it if you pop round one day with a lasagne or casserole. Right now she won’t have much spare time what with all the breastfeeding, diaper changes, and endless sleepless nights!I’m sure she will really appreciate someone bringing her a healthy, home cooked meal. This way, she won’t have to rely on terrible ready meals and takeouts!



Be No. 1 Babysitter

Your friend will be absolutely inundated with lots of messages and phone calls in the first couple of weeks after giving birth. But once everyone has sent their best wishes, she might start to feel a bit lonely. This is when you need to step in and provide her with plenty of company. You should also offer to babysit the baby whenever she needs an extra pair of helping hands. If you can be there as often as possible, you can help her with minor tasks. For example, she will be able to have a stress-free shower without having to worry about the baby!

Plan A Girl’s Day Out

Once the baby is here, your friend won’t have much time to make herself presentable for a girl’s night or day out. So that’s why it’s important to plan these things in advance so she can find someone to look after the baby. If you leave planning something like this to your mommy BFF, it will never get sorted. So it’s a good idea for you to take hold of the reigns and organize a day when you can go out, have some fun, and she can forget about being a mom for a short time!


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