Getting Hitched On A Thursday: 5 Reasons Why This Is A Great Idea

A wedding is always an occasion worth celebrating, and it’s an event that should be fun and memorable for everyone involved! Most people decide to get married on a Saturday or Sunday, with some deciding to go on their honeymoon soon afterward.


Of course, some folks opt for a weekday wedding for various reasons. Is that something you and your spouse-to-be are considering? If so, you might be wondering which day is best. Believe it or not, Thursday is often a good choice instead of the other days of the week. Let me share with you five intriguing reasons why this is the case:



  1. You’ll save money

Perhaps the biggest advantage of getting married during the week, in particular, on a Thursday, is the cost savings you would make. If you hire a destination wedding planner, it’s not unheard of for prices to be lower on a weekday than during the weekend.


The cost of hiring wedding officials and paying for supplies is also cheaper than the weekend due to lower demand. That means couples have more money to spend on their big day or even towards the cost of their honeymoons!


  1. Your guests can make a long weekend out of it

When you have guests traveling from afar, it’s likely they will not wish to go back home on the same day. The obvious answer is for them to stay overnight somewhere local to the venue.

If you have your wedding day on a Thursday, they can book off both that day and Friday from work, giving them a four-day weekend! That gives them more time to celebrate your wedding with you and to do other activities on the other days.


  1. You can spend Friday recovering, and go on your honeymoon on Saturday

Most people know that a wedding is an involved time for the bride and groom. They will usually spend the next day recovering from the previous day’s festivities. Having a Thursday wedding makes sense as you and your new spouse can rest and relax on Friday.

You will both feel refreshed and ready to go for your honeymoon trip if you set off on Saturday!


  1. Higher chance of getting the perfect venue

Part of any wedding planning strategy involves selecting the right venue. As you can appreciate, each couple will have their specific requirements for a location.

Because weekend weddings are so common, venues usually get booked up quite quickly. That means couples either have to wait longer to tie the knot, or they have to opt for a second-best choice.

When you decide to get married on a Thursday, you’ll find it much easier to select the perfect venue.

  1. Weekends don’t always have the best weather

Have you ever noticed that weekdays sometimes have better weather than on the weekend? You might think that a bit of rain won’t spoil your big day, but it might not be much fun for your guests!

Yes, it’s impossible to predict the weather with 100% accuracy. But, you could be lucky and find out that your Thursday wedding will offer blue skies and warm sunshine.

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