Using Wearable Tech for Child Safety

A child is the most valuable treasure for parents. As such, it is but natural for parents to be concerned about their child’s safety and well-being. Moms in particular would like to keep their eyes on babies and toddlers all the time. But since this is not possible, they rely on tools like baby monitors to help them out. Parents would then move on to wearable tech for kids as their child grows and become more independent.

At home there is no need to fuss when the kids are out of sight. But it is a different story when you are out in a crowded mall or park. Kids can easily get lost if they wander away from you. And when you lose sight of your child in a public place, panic can easily set in. Wearable tech for kids equipped with proximity alarms can help you address this safety concern. These devices can be strapped on your kids clothing, bags, or even worn on their wrists. Parents are notified if their child goes beyond a preset perimeter. Usually this is set on  a 5 meter radius. The alarm may come directly from the wearable device or sent through the parent’s smart phone.

Older kids like teens and tweens may not be too keen on wearing devices designed for toddlers. Luckily, wearable tech for teens is also available. A smart watch with GPS tracker is a popular choice for this age group. This watch allows parents to monitor the location of their kids and set safe zones as well. Parents are immediately notified if the child goes to unsafe areas or locations beyond the identified safe zones. If you want extra features in your tracker, then you may want trackers for kids with special needs. These devices are equipped with voice monitoring and location alert features to ease your worries whenever your child is out of sight.

The swimband is another wearable tech that parents can get for their kids. This is a personal drowning detection device that can be worn as wristband, goggle strap, or headband. It is designed to set off an alarm if a non-swimmer gets into the pool or if a child becomes submerged in water longer than they should. A perfect wearable tech for families who love the water.


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