A Helping Hand Could Help You Get A Hold On Parenting

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There’s nothing as satisfying as being a new parent. There’s nothing as stressful, either. And, the stress doesn’t go away as your little one gets older. From bumps and bruises to not knowing the right path for your child, the worries are endless. In truth, none of us know what we’re doing! We only hope to get it right, and end up with well formed humans. And, for the most part, we do! Because, there’s no right way to raise a child. Whatever you’re doing, you can be sure that it’s the right thing for your kids. Though, that doesn’t ease the stress. Accepting that you can’t do it all alone could take some pressure off, though.

Admitting the need for help is something too many parents fail to do. We’re okay to ask for help in other aspect of our lives, but are incredibly stubborn when it comes to our children. We wouldn’t move house without the help of movers, or resent doctor’s for making us better. So, why do we find it so hard to let other people help on our parenting quest? Speaking from experience, there’s a definite idea of failure attached to asking for help. Blame biology or hormones, but it can feel as though you should be capable of providing everything your child needs. And you are, in theory. But, reality is different. You can’t provide what you don’t know!

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The struggle starts straight away. New parent nerves are some of the worse. Instead of admitting you feel overwhelmed, you struggle in silence. That’s when things are new, and you realize that all the baby books you read didn’t teach you anything worth knowing. If that sounds familiar, try to determine your reasoning. We all know that baby brain can make it hard to think straight, but it’s worth stepping back from the situation. Do you automatically go against other people’s advice? Do you snap whenever someone suggests you do things differently? These reactions are natural, but they won’t help you or your baby. So, what can you do to change them?

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Try to realize that other people are only passing on their experience to you. They’re not criticizing, or saying you’re doing things wrong. Remember that they’ve been where you are. They know how hard it can be, knowing what to do. No parent has gotten everything right from the off. We can only learn from experience and, dare we say it, listening to advice! Next time someone offers you advice, try taking it onboard. If it helps, you can disregard it until you’re alone again. Then, give it a go. You may just find that listening to people isn’t so bad after all.

Once you’ve crossed the hurdle of taking advice, practice asking for it. Start small. Ask what food people started their children on, or what nursery they would recommend. Then, build up to the bigger things. You’ll feel much better to know you don’t have to guess your way through motherhood!

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