Can Pets And Babies Live Together In Harmony?

Something many animal lovers and parents or parents-to-be wonder, is whether pets and babies can live together in harmony. You would hate to have to get rid of your pets, or keep them separated from your baby constantly. Let’s take a look at this question in more detail:


Preparing Your Pets Before Hand

Your pets and your baby can definitely live together in harmony, but the key is to prepare your pets well in advance. There are a number of ways you can do this for the best result. You can make sure you get your pets used to baby sounds and smells, by playing certain tracks and videos and even by letting them sniff the baby products.

You can also get your pet used to the baby’s room if you wish, but you should enforce rules right away that they are not allowed in the baby’s crib – especially important if you have a cat. You can use netting and spray to keep them away. Getting pets used to baby gates, or not being allowed in a room is also a good idea.

Slowly but surely altering your pet’s routine in advance is a wise move. Just be sure they still have access to their favorite spots, and they have somewhere they can go to feel safe if needs be.


Spending More Quality Time With Them, Rather Than Quantity

You want to make sure that you can still spend quality time with your pet. You probably realize you won’t have as much time to spend with them, but this should mean that the time you do spend together is quality. By making sure of this, you can even ensure that giving them their k9 advantix ii is a bonding experience. Get them used to these changes in advance so that they don’t resent your baby once they arrive.


Never Leave Your Baby And Pet Alone

Even if you feel your pet is well trained, you should never leave your baby and pet alone together, not even for a minute. Young babies can make loud noises and sudden movements, and this can scare your pets. They might also want to simply play with your baby or sniff them, and not realize how delicate they are. This can lead to accidents that can be traumatising for you. It’s best to always supervise them and keep them apart when you can’t watch them every second.

Taking The Same Steps Each Time

If you plan on having more babies in the future, it’s a good idea to make sure you take the same steps each time. Even though you may think your pet is used to it, having a newer arrival can still be scary and nerve wracking for them. Taking the steps to get them used to it will reduce the amount of problems you have in the long-run.


There you have it; pets and babies can live together in harmony with a little preparation on your part. Leave your own tips below!

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