Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Jewelry

If you’re getting married soon, you’ve probably never had so many different things to think about at once. Not only do you have to think about the big things, such as finding the right caterer, you need to think about the little things, like cake toppers and shoes. One really important part of your overall wedding look is the bridal jewelry. How do you go about choosing bridal jewelry that enhances your look? Maybe even jewelry that you can wear again once the wedding is over. Here’s everything you need to know about bridal jewelry:


You Can Mix Borrowed And New

Don’t listen to what some people say about mixing borrowed and new jewelry. You can totally mix them, and they can look amazing! If you want to be sure that they look as good as possible, then make sure they have the same sort of ‘era’ look about them, or the same kind of finish. You can mix new pieces with your mother’s old heirlooms, or even vintage pieces you find yourself.

Your Look Must Be Balanced

When you put on your bridal jewelry, your look must be balanced. For example, an asymmetrical gown requires no necklace, as the neck is already interesting enough. If you add a necklace, it’s going to be ‘too much’ and just won’t have the impact you want. Always pay attention to the neckline of your dress, your sleeves, hairstyle, and whether you’re wearing a tiara/veil or not so you can find the perfect jewelry pieces.



Avoid Wearing A Watch

Watches can look pretty, but why would you wear a watch on your wedding day? You want this day to last as long as possible! The more you look at your watch, the quicker the day will go. Leave this to your maid of honor, wedding planner, and the people you’ve enlisted to help you. Wear a pretty bracelet instead.


You Shouldn’t Over Accessorize

Your wedding day isn’t the time to pile on the accessories. You don’t want to over accessorize. Getting the balance right and keeping it understated is usually a safe bet.



You Should Never Compromise Your True Style

Your wedding day isn’t the time to try out new styles or follow trends, either. You should never compromise your true style. More and more people are personalising their wedding days, and this makes for an incredible day. You are able to tell people a little about yourself with your jewelry. There’s no need to stick to the traditional ‘bridal’ look. You can be a punk bride, a rockabilly bride, a mermaid bride…the list goes on.


Try Not To Cut Corners

When selecting your jewelry, try not to cut corners. You’re probably on some kind of budget, but it’s definitely worth investing in the jewelry. Your jewelry is going to be in every single picture. This is why it doesn’t make a lot of sense when brides splash out on expensive shoes that people maybe see once the whole day! If you need an idea of what to expect this guide explains how much quality diamonds should cost. Your bridal jewelry could get passed down to your children one day!


You Can Add More or Change Jewelry For The Reception

Don’t be afraid to add more jewelry, or change it for the reception. For instance, bangles may have been too noisy during the ceremony, but now you can pile them on!

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