Waking Up the Mombie: Feel Good About Yourself As a New Mom

Being a new mother is one of the toughest things to experience. You love your new bundle of joy, but not everything is all sunshine and roses when it’s so emotionally and physically exhausting. Having a newborn around is a lot of work, even with another parent to support you in any way they can. One of the things that can take a hit is your self-esteem, and how confident and attractive you feel. Some women can take a year or more before they begin to feel attractive again. If you want some ways to feel pretty while you’re caring for a newborn, especially if you haven’t returned to work, there are a few things you can do to feel better about yourself.


Wash Your Face and Moisturize

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that can lift your mood and make you feel better. When you have a baby, it can turn you into a “mombie” who rarely has time to do anything for herself. But caring for your body and doing the basics to make sure you don’t feel awful are essential. It’s amazing how much just washing your face or getting in a super quick shower can help you feel refreshed. It can be difficult to get time to yourself with a newborn, but it’s harder once your baby is old enough to bang on the bathroom door. So treasure the available time you have now and allow yourself a moment to refresh your skin and to moisturize too.


Put Some Simple Makeup On

You don’t have time for a full face of makeup when you have a baby to care for. Some days, you might not even leave the house anyway, so it could all be a waste of time. But a bit of makeup can help you feel better about yourself, even if the only person who sees it is you when you look in the mirror. There might not be time for eyeliner, but a layer of foundation and some lipgloss can help to perk you up a bit. It helps you to value yourself and take a bit of time to take care of yourself.


Pick a Cute, Comfortable Go-to Outfit

Looking after a baby requires practical clothes. You might have to change them three times a day, after all. But just because they’re comfortable, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. It’s a good idea to decide on a basic outfit or “uniform,” so you can easily mix and match a sensible outfit without too much thought. For example, get a collection of yoga pants and comfortable tunics of similar colors so you can swap them around easily. You’ll feel comfortable and look cute, and you don’t have to worry about your clothes clashing or looking like a slob.


Put on Some Jewelry

Jewelry is another thing you might feel like you don’t have time for. But just one accessory can make your outfit a bit more exciting and help you feel better about yourself. Choose a necklace or a pair of gold hoop earrings that you can wear every day, so you don’t have to think about it too hard. Once your baby’s hands start to get grabby, you might want to rethink what you wear. Some moms decide to get teething jewelry and other accessories that will stand up to being grabbed and sucked. But if that’s not for you, choose something that will stand up to a bit of tugging.

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Book a Photoshoot

This one isn’t for everyone, but a lot of new mothers find it can help their confidence. Lots of photography studios offer mother and baby photoshoots (or shoots with both parents). They’re great for celebrating your new family and creating some memories. You can also have some photos of just you on your own, as a reminder that you still exist as an individual. It’s a good opportunity to dress up, do your hair, and put some makeup on. But if you’re not great in front of a camera anyway, perhaps give it a miss.


Grab Some Time to Pamper Yourself

Getting time to yourself might not be easy, but it’s not impossible. If you have a partner, they’re perfectly capable of looking after the baby for an hour or two without you. Or if not, you’re sure to have a family member or friend who can help. Breastfeeding can make it harder to get away, but plenty of women choose to express milk for a bit more freedom. Even if you want to stick close to your baby, you can still pamper yourself at home. Dad can watch the little one while you soak in the bath, and you’re right there if the baby needs you.


Ask for Outside Reassurance

Asking for compliments doesn’t come naturally to many people. But if you need someone to reassure you that you’re still beautiful or attractive and you’re not getting what you need, sometimes asking is the best way. People don’t always realize that you might be feeling a bit insecure and need some extra love. So if hearing someone compliment you helps you feel better, don’t be scared to ask for some nice comments about how you look, or even how well you’re doing with the baby.


Buy Yourself Something New

When all else fails, a bit of retail therapy can be just what you need to cheer you up. It can be especially effective if you’ve spent the last few weeks in yoga pants, struggling to find the time to wash your face. Maybe you won’t have much time to wear a new cashmere scarf just yet, but you can look forward to wearing it once you’ve got into a proper routine. Buy yourself something special, and perhaps organize a babysitter so you can wear it on a night out. You deserve to treat yourself.
It can take a while to feel like your old self again after having a baby. In fact, you might never feel exactly the same. But you can get to a place where you feel good again.

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