Bountiful Bouquets: Simple Tips for Arranging Fresh Flowers Around Your Home

Bountiful Bouquets: Simple Tips for Arranging Fresh Flowers Around Your Home

Fresh flowers

One of the most elegant and colorful ways you can arrange fresh flowers around your home is by making table centerpieces. A centerpiece adds a great touch to a table whatever the season or event. Here are some tips to help you create a table centerpiece everyone will be talking about over dinner.


Tips for Arranging Table Centerpieces


Preparing the flowers: Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle as this enables the flowers to draw up water most efficiently. Remove any leaves from below the water line to prevent them rotting. To make the flowers last longer add a spoonful of sugar and a drop of bleach to the water, this will prevent bacteria from growing. Change the water daily to keep flowers fresh and to prevent the water becoming stale.


Creating an arrangement:  If you making an arrangement with long-stemmed flowers you will need a deep basket or tall vase. You many prefer a lower arrangement overall if your table is small and will have people sitting around it. You don’t want to have the arrangement, however beautiful, standing between you and the person sitting opposite. A shallow basket is suitable for a short-stemmed arrangement. Place a container inside the basket and add some floral foam, then you can insert your flowers. When you have finished the arrangement, cover the foam with artificial moss and soak the foam.


A floating flower centerpiece: You don’t have to use stemmed flowers to create a beautiful floral centerpiece. Instead, fill a large, round, shallow bowl with gold water. Take a selection of flowers and cut off the stems so the blooms will float on the water’s surface. Flowers which are perfect for this type of arrangement include small roses, peonies, tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, and carnations. If you are having a little difficulty getting larger blooms to float, make a small bubble wrap collar and tape around the base of the flower. Add ice to the water to make them last longer. Arrange scented candles between the flowers for a romantic twist. You can find beautiful flowers for your centerpiece at Blackwood Florist.


More Creative Ideas for Floral Centerpieces


  • A touch of romance: Combine a cluster of crimson roses and green fern to a bud vase.
  • A taste of Halloween: Add miniature pumpkins and gourds to an arrangement of orange flowers for a Halloween flavor.  
  • A country touch: Use a selection of antique milk bottle and mason jars for your floral arrangements instead of traditional vases.
  • A hint of color: Take a row of test tubes in a stand a fill each with colored water, place a white daisy in each one.

Whether you’re preparing a flower arrangement for a special occasion or just because you want your home to look and smell beautiful, fresh flowers can totally change the atmosphere and the mood of any room. Brighten up your living space today with some fresh blooms.

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