Undeniable Signs You Are An Awesome Mom

One thing that all moms share in common is their ability to denigrate their own abilities as a parent. It’s easy to do, after all – you spend your entire life looking after the kids, sacrifice yourself day after day, and are so exhausted that it can suck all your positive thoughts away.

Also, we’re not helped when we read the multitude of blog posts and magazine articles by people who seem to find this whole parenting thing a breeze – and that are happy to point out that everything you are doing is wrong.

But, here’s the deal: we’re all different, and I bet those smug mommies have just as many bad days as all the rest of us – they just don’t show it. With all this in mind, I thought I would go through some of the reasons why, even though you might not think it, you are, indeed, an awesome mom.

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Perfect planning (a.k.a. you get where you need to be)

Being a mom is a little like being in a tornado – your days are swept away, and you have no real idea whether you are coming or going. No amount of preparing and planning for parenthood can get you ready for the whirlwind experience. But if you make it to where you are going, you are succeeding. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know how you managed to arrive at your little one’s playgroup, or that you turned up for your doctor’s appointment wearing your blouse inside out. The point is, you made it – and you’re awesome for doing so.


Your kids smile a lot

Parenting can make you frustrated, worried, angry, and useless. But if your children smile a lot, it’s all you need to prove to yourself that you are, in fact, just being awesome. No matter how tired you are, or how much you worry you aren’t doing right by your child if they are smiling and content, you know you are doing things the right way.  


Your home is a mess

Are you embarrassed at the fact that your home looks like it has been hit by a hurricane? While cleanliness is vital when you have young kids, tidiness is not. And if you have a messy home because you are putting all your attention into engaging with your children, it’s a good thing. Don’t be embarrassed, as the simple truth is that you will get other days to tidy up, whereas you will never experience this particular day or time with your babies ever again. Awesome moms are messy because they have more important priorities – it’s as simple as that.

You smell

One thing new mothers have to learn pretty fast is that your personal hygiene is going to have to take a hit. And it’s OK to go outside without showering first, or even wear your loungewear to the grocery store once in awhile – complete with baby food stains, of course. Ultimately, the messier you look and the stinkier you smell, the more focus you are putting on your baby – so you won’t hear a bad word from a good mom.

You cry a lot

New moms – and experienced ones, too – have uncontrollable hormones flying about all over the place. And guess what? Not only is it entirely reasonable to have a blub two or three times a day, but it is also good for you. Crying is a healthy way to release your emotion, deal with stress, and make you feel better. In fact, it’s actually more worrying if you never shed a tear. So, cry away you awesome mom, and do so in the knowledge that new moms around the world are doing exactly the same thing.


You do your best

Finally, deep down, we all know when we are trying our best – it’s something we can feel from the inside out. And if you are doing all you can but still feel it’s not enough, the simple truth is that you are being hard on yourself. At the end of the day, if you can make it through the day and your baby is fast asleep in their crib, and you know you have done your best, it’s all every awesome mom can do without help.  And whether you reward yourself with a glass of wine, a TV show, or an early night – you deserve it.


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