9 Ideas For A More Unique Wedding

No self-respecting woman would want their wedding to be a clone of the last one their guests went to. This is meant to be the happiest day of your life, and it should reflect everything that makes you who you are. Obviously, there are certain conventions you might want to stick to, but there’s still a lot of opportunity for making your wedding unique. Here, we’ll list nine great ideas for personalising your big day…

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Turn the Food into Entertainment

The reception, just as much as the ceremony, should be a reflection of the happy couple. If the groom is a beer enthusiast, plan for an ale tasting session in the cocktail hour. If you’re both foodies, consider a tapas-style tasting menu paired with signature cocktails and wine, rather than the boring old 3-course plated meal.

Be Creative with the Accommodation

If you’ve got a large budget to play with on your big day, or you’re not going to be accommodating for all that many people, then why not breathe some creativity into the guest accommodation. No hotel? Set up a luxury campground on your property or a rented plot where your closest family and friends can come to stay.

Get Unique Menus and Invitations

The invitations are one of the first things you’re going to have to plan for, so don’t send out the same old templates that half of your guests have seen before. There are many companies like Pure Invitation where you can customise invites that will really capture the mien of your big day. You can also get creative with the menus at guest place settings. Why not print it onto white bakery bags, filled with freshly made bread? This will make the menus not only visually appealing, but also a pleasing little welcome gift for your guests.

Make Dessert a Big Design Piece

Weddings aren’t typically the place where you’d expect to find extravagant food displays, barring perhaps the cake. Everyone loves dessert, so why not put the sweet stuff in the spotlight? Consider a dessert bar made to look like a patisserie or an extravagant chocolate fountain.

Edible Escort Cards

Most escort cards at weddings are minimalist and printed on squares of cheap paper; something that will easily be forgotten and thrown away by most of the guests. Making them edible instead will not only make life easier for the cleaners, but will ensure that they’re another detail your guests will never forget. Try some cupcakes with the guests’ names or table numbers written on the top in icing.

Hangover Kit Favours

The favours you receive as a wedding guest are another detail that can wind up being a little “cookie cutter”. Instead of the standard, cheap gifts, send your guests home with something that they’ll actually have a use for: hangover kits. Sleeping blindfolds and painkillers, presented in a nice gift bag that reflects the mien of your wedding, will certainly be appreciated!

Get Creative with the Guestbook

We’ve all signed a lot of wedding guestbooks, and most of them have followed the same typical template. There are many ways to can get a little creative with yours. One great idea is having a jigsaw made from a lovely picture of you and your partner, and letting guests sign the backs of the pieces.

Have a Confetti Drop During the First Dance

The first dance is always one of the most memorable parts of a wedding, and adding a confetti drop to it will make the moment even more special, and ensure your ceremony is memorable to everyone involved. It will also offer some stunning photo opportunities to your photographer! If your song is a particularly gentle and romantic ballad, you might want to swap out the confetti for some fresh flower petals instead.

Have a Breath-Taking Exit

You might wish the day could last forever, but every happy couple has to leave some time. However, you can still pump some unique wedding magic into this, and go out with a bang. Forget the petals. Instead, line the exit with whatever you want. Couples have had crazy amounts of confetti, pre-folded paper airplanes, beach balls and other inflatables. There have even been ceremonies where the wedding band has brought their instruments out for a mini-parade to see the happy couple to their car. Whatever your preference, do something to make the send-off unique, and no one will forget your big day in a hurry!

If you were afraid of your wedding becoming another cookie-cutter affair, we hope this post has helped you plan one that’s perfect for you!

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