Staying True To Your Roots And Having A Barn Wedding

Countryside weddings hold infinite possibilities and breathtaking photo opportunities with large open fields, the glorious hills, the wind in your hair and surrounded by wildlife. The rustic details, although they make for an incredible wedding venue, the biggest decision is where to get married. The building in which you tie the knot should be magical, and the decor, lighting, seating arrangement should be unforgettable. The high ceiling greatly increases the volume of air in the room which will be filled with a couple or few hundred people, so fresh air should be of concern. Nothing should be impeding the view of the guests, so large supportive pillars really dampen the view for when you take your vows. No matter if the inside of the building is painted a bright color like a cream or pale blue, nothing can replace natural lighting. Large windows either along the side of the building or over the heads of the couple getting married are the two most popular discerning moments of sunray entry.


Photo source – Tom Godber

Make the proper preparations

If you’re a country girl through and through, a barn wedding would be the perfect choice for you to express who you are, the values you hold dear and love for your culture. Open flat planes will surround your rustic wedding and pasture that are photogenic have their magic taken away with lines of parked cars. Renting out a piece of land for so your guests can park their cars is better than crowding around the barn. Equally, a muddy or rocky pathway up to the barn will not be very pleasant to walk on, especially for women in high heels, so lay down some freshly cut grass or a foam carpet to lead the way. Trap plywood underneath the carpet if you know there will be people in wheelchairs attending.

Staying true to your roots

Most barns or metal churches in the countryside are a 40×60 metal building, which means they’ll be lots of room inside, easily seating up to 200 people. However, the wedding doesn’t have to be inside if you plan on saying ‘I do’ out in the open there is a delicate balance you could undertake. Rather than normal seats, bales of hay break the monotony and inject some authenticity to your wedding.

You should never be ashamed of who you are, and if that means you’re the total opposite of a city slicker, then you should say it loud and proud. If you want animals to be present at the ceremony such as horses, ponies, and baby lambs, there are animal hire companies that could make that wish come true. Rather than a traditional alter, your altar could be the vast openness of the landscape; there are metal archways which you could rent to stop the wind from collapsing them and leading to an embarrassing moment.

Image Credit – Jonathunder

Your lead away vehicle

At the end of the night after hours and hours of laughs, dancing, eating and drinking, you will need your version of cinderella’s carriage to take you home. As you’re on a field or muddy pastures, you should think about hiring an off-road four-by-four which can pull in the wettest and thickest of conditions. Equally, you could hire a horse and carriage to take you to your hotel that’s, which is, of course, the fairytale scenario. If you’re a true cowgirl, nothing but a tractor will do to whisk you away to a night of passion and future happiness with your new husband.

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