Go All-Out on Wedding Photos – It’s Worth It


There are a lot of things to consider when you’re preparing for a wedding. You’ve got to pick a venue (and then make sure that venue looks exactly like you want it to!). You need to pick dresses and suits. There are meals and desserts to consider; cakes, dietary needs, et cetera. The list stretches on for quite some time. A lot of people actually end up cutting a few things here and there from their initial plans, simply because things end up getting so hectic and expensive!

Wedding photography is one of the things that a lot of couples end up feeling is superfluous. And it’s not like there aren’t decent enough arguments for taking this view. After all, we’re in 2017; most of us have smartphones that have really good quality cameras. So why think about wedding photography that much? Just let the guests take a bunch of photos and then compile them in a Facebook gallery later. Simple. Hiring a wedding photographer certainly seems like a step too far.


Even if you do see much of the benefit of having a professional photographer at the scene, there’s still the expense to consider. And, yes, it’s true – wedding photographers are hardly the cheapest people in the world to hire. Many people reject the idea because it doesn’t seem worth the cost. However, it is worth pointing out that the photographer has to deal with a lot of expensive equipment, and the processing afterwards takes quite a lot of time and effort. So the expense of the logistics can be justified – but still, can the photos really be that much better?

Well, you need to remember just how important wedding photos are. While nothing can replace the memory of having been involved in such a beautiful day, photos are always great things to look at every so often – and they’re also great for people who weren’t there.


A lot of people will say that all the time and effort that goes into arranging everything else means that professional wedding photography becomes much less important. But the opposite could be argued. That elaborate cake? Those gorgeous dresses and suits? Those Verragio rings? The stunning venue? When everything is so incredible, and so much effort (and money!) went into them, then getting the best photos you can of those things actually seems to make a lot of sense!


The more crisp, detailed, beautiful, and skilled the photography, the better the photos are going to be at fulfilling their purpose: capturing the day for eternity. We often use photographs as a form of cognitive time travel; seeing a photograph can help take us right back to the moments in which they were taken. Photos with more clarity are better at triggering the memories you thought were forgotten.

Plus, you’ve also got to think about how busy everyone will be! Sure, people will be more than happy to take photos which they’ll share with you later. But there will be a bunch of specific shots that you want throughout the evening, as well as casual shots in which no-one is posing. Why burden guests with these photographic responsibilities? It’s much easier to get these shots if you hire a photographer.

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