Guide to Different Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

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No matter whether you are choosing your engagement ring or you are leaving it in the capable hands of your partner, one thing that needs to be carefully considered is the shape of the diamond you choose. With everything from emerald and princess to heart and pear shaped diamonds, there is a lot to think about. Below, we take a look at the popular shapes in further detail.

ROUND – Let’s begin with the diamond with the biggest sparkle of them all. It is not difficult to see why brands like Verragio incorporate a lot of round diamonds into their engagement ring range. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance and fire, which results in the stunning glisten we have come to associate with diamond rings. For a classic and timeless design that never fails, a round cut is a great choice.

PRINCESS If you want your partner to say yes, presenting them with a princess cut diamond ring is a good place to start. This is essentially the square version of the popular round brilliant. This makes it a perfect choice for those that don’t want to compromise in terms of fire and brilliance, yet they want something more modern and unique.

PEAR – The most feminine cut out of all the diamond shapes, pear diamonds feature a round end and a single point at the top. This is a flattering diamond shape, which elongates the finger.

EMERALD Emerald diamonds have a large, open table, making them a great choice for someone seeking a sophisticated, contemporary, and striking ring. Instead of a sparkle, you get a beautiful hall-of-mirrors effect with an emerald ring. If you are choosing this cut, it is important to choose a high color grading, i.e. between D and F, as emerald diamonds show more warmth.

ASSCHER – Similar to the Emerald cut, the Asscher diamond is the brightest out of all the steep cuts. If you want a classic and elegance diamond ring with lots of brilliance, this is a wise choice. Choose an asscher diamond with a high clarity rating, i.e. no lower than VS2.

RADIANT – A unique and vibrant step cut, with signature trimmed edges and stunning brilliance, the radiant diamond was developed roughly 40 years ago. It’s good for those on a budget, as you can afford to go for a lower clarity rating.

OVAL – Are you a lover of vintage styles? If so, an oval cut may be the right choice for you. This style of diamond can also make the finger appear longer and slimmer. When choosing this type of ring, be mindful that you don’t opt for a diamond with an evident bow tie effect. This can occur in some fancy cut diamonds, including oval, heart, and marquise diamonds.

CUSHION – Cushion diamonds resemble a pillow. This is a rectangle or square diamond with rounded corners. Not only does it look amazing, but it is a practical choice too, as the round edges will not catch clothing.

HEART – This is a diamond ring shape that does not need any explanation. It’s the perfect symbol of love.

MARQUISE – Finally, we have the marquise cut diamond. This is an elegant and sophisticated diamond shape, which can be traced back to the Royal Family. It optimizes carat weight, which is great for those with a limited budget.

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