Fun and Productive Kiddie Arts and Crafts for the Rainy Days

Kids are usually cooped up indoors during rainy days but their day doesn’t have to be as gloomy as the weather. There are many ways to entertain the kids while indoors. You can have a movie marathon, play games with the family, or do something productive like arts and crafts. Kids can greatly benefit from doing arts and crafts in their spare time. These activities help stimulate imagination and creativity without discounting the importance of following instructions. You can take a look at some of these kiddie arts and crafts ideas and try them out for the rainy days.

Origami, the Art of Paper Folding. This is one of the most practical and basic craft that you can teach your kids. It is easy to make and you would only need papers, and the Origami instructions to do it. You can find Origami Books in most bookstores and online. Choose a design or model that you would like to make then follow the paper folding instructions. The most popular model is the paper crane, but the paper fan is the simplest model that even a toddler can do it.



Beadworks. Working with beads can help your kids improve their fine motor skills. It can also help in making mathematical concepts easier to understand. There are plenty of things that you can do with beads, not just jewelry. You can make toys like a DIY abacus or something useful like a pencil holder or a glass coaster.

Recycled Crafts. Share your eco-friendly values with your kids through recycled crafts. Direct the kids to your home’s recyclable bin and challenge them to make something useful out of the materials there. You will be putting their imagination, creativity, and problem solving skills into use by giving them this task. Another option for your kiddie arts and crafts is to give the kids specific recycled crafts to work on. For example, make a toy car out of a water bottle or tambourines from old paper plates and bottle caps, etc.

Doing kiddie arts and crafts is a great way to spend a rainy day with your young children. It is fun, engaging, and very productive. Just remember it’s a carefree activity so let your kids run with their craft ideas and always appreciate the end product no matter how it turns out.


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