Have a Mix of Smoothies for Your Little Ones

Moms with picky eaters are always on a look out for creative ways to serve their meals. We’ve seen recipes that sneak the veggies into the meal or make it look more appetizing through Bento Boxes. But there’s another way to get fresh fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet, the Smoothies. These are refreshing drinks made from a concoction of fruits and vegetables that your kids can enjoy. Now, here is what you need to make Smoothies for your little ones.

The early versions of a smoothie were simply fruit juice drinks blended with ice. Eventually other ingredients like milk, yogurt, and sugar became part of the blend. Nowadays, there are plenty of smoothie recipes including those with a mix of vegetables and herbs. If it’s already a challenge to get your child to eat veggies then you may want to start with fruit smoothies first. You would want them to enjoy their first smoothie experience so they will be encouraged to try other flavors. For the first installment of smoothies for your little ones, choose flavors that your kids will love. Apple, strawberry, grapes, and mango are some of the popular flavors for kids. You can start with just one flavor then experiment with different fruit combos. Once they get hooked on smoothies then you can start introducing veggie concoctions.

Another element that you need for making smoothies for your little ones is the liquid. Fruits and vegetables are usually high in water so there is really no need to add anymore, unless you want your mixture to be “thinner”. If you want the original version of a smoothie all you need is to add some crushed ice in it. But if you want to make the drink more interesting, then putting some milk or yogurt in the mix should do the job.

Smoothies are great meal enhancers that can help your kids get the vitamins and minerals that they need. Why force them to eat their veggies when they can enjoy drinking it. There are plenty of smoothie recipe for kids that you and your kids can explore. You can drink them with your meals or have it as a dessert alternative. Either way, you’ll get the benefits of a fresh and healthy drink.

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