Preparing For Your First Child

Having a child is most people’s dreams, but having a child can be one of the most expensive things to do in life. The excitement of growing your own little family is a mix of happiness, with a tinge of fear. There is so much to get prepared in the nine months leading up to the arrival of your new bundle of joy.


Being prepared as much as possible is the best step, but having the money can also be tricky. Put into action things  a great list of things you need to prioritize. If it’s your first child everything is going to feel like a priority. You feel like they need the best of everything and you’ve read books that tell you a list as long as your elbow on what’s best for your baby.

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Don’t overwhelm yourself from the get go, it’s easy to think of everything that’s needed at once. Starting organizing in an easy manner through lists or sticky notes. Having a notice-board can be a great way of placing reminders for you to pop on. Once you slowly start to get everything together, remind yourself to enjoy preparing everything.


The months will go soon look after yourself and enjoy little things such as bubble baths you won’t be able to enjoy little things once the babies arrived.

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First things first set aside a baby budget and draft up a plan. Once you know how many medical costs and weighing up your income, you can then see what’s left over to begin the buying for the coming months. Starting a shopping budget for what are the most important products and that are necessary are a crucial step.  There are going to be products you think you would definitely need but you’ll surprise at how much you probably won’t ever use. Remember everybody is different and uses different methods or things that they didn’t deem necessary.

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If this is a first baby, then you will be swimming in lots of new baby clothes after the birth and at the baby shower (just be sure someone does throw you one.) Of course, it’s down to you but children go through clothes super fast. Other moms or friends who have children will have boxes full of used clothes, don’t be afraid to ask. Most are more than willing to get rid of the clutter.  If you do really want to splurge on new clothes then be sure it’s necessary.

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A changing table can be purchased in high-end extravaganza or low end. If you feel you don’t need one then changing on the bed or top of a towel is just as fine. However, if you want to have designated place in the nursery to place them changing pads are a great replacement on top of a dresser or drawers.


If you need to an advance on something you really need. You may need something to tie you other to next payday.  Planning in advance for having a child  is key to getting everything in place for the arrival. However money can be tight this is a great way for buying something you need straight away such as a car seat or cot.


Don’t get sucked into the baby brand niche, as soon as a product placement is placed on the shelve the price doubles. Ikea is your best friend when it comes to this. A changing station can easily be a substitute for a dresser.  Same goes for storage, don’t be fooled into buying ‘baby hamper’ storage boxes do the exact same thing. Cheap baskets at art and craft stores are great for decoration as well as holding a range of items. If you’re feeling creative you can even personalize storage boxes, buy some old boxes and paint with colors.

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Don’t fret too much on the nursery, it’s great and a lovely experience to nest and create your babies first room. However, the likelihood of not only getting carried away and spending money is easy. But the amount of time being spent in the room is going to be minimal. The internet has some gorgeous wall art that is downloadable. You’ll want to add your own personal touches as wall art can be expensive.


Skip the expensive baby photo shoots, get the family to take personal family snaps they always look gorgeous in black and white. As the child grows, different snaps can be taken and swapped over. What’s even lovelier is as time goes on the snaps can be kept and placed in a photo album to treasure.


When it comes to the wall color, remember it’s a newborn baby’s room and in time the extravagant wall paper or color will look out of place. A simple neutral color or white will always be on trend, it’s cost effective and saves money in the long run.


A rainy day fund seems like an old redundant thing, but now is the time to start one. You never know when an emergency will arise in the future once children arrive. Any loose change can be placed in the pot, you’ll be surprised how quickly this adds up. It can go towards the cost of little bits such as clothes or let the pot rise over a couple months to tie you over.


Technology has stepped up its game so much that there are so many products you feel you need to have. With LCD monitors to watch your child sleep, high-end strollers it’s hard to keep track this list reviews what to definitely buy and the rest to leave off the list.


The bottle will alway seem like a battle of what’s right and wrong, there are endless amounts of bottles. There is now glass, plastic, curved, straight, printed, you get the idea of how much there is on the market. The only concern you need to have is making sure it’s BPA free and that it doesn’t leak. All do the same job, so don’t feel you have to go overboard on prices. As long as you wash them correctly after use you’re good to go in the next round.

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When it comes to feeding, a popular method is to make your own baby food. There are so many baby food recipes online that are accessible. What’s more print them and pop them into a little folder to choose something different and stock up on. Not talking gourmet dishes, but being able to prep ahead especially if you’re planning on going out saves time and money. Mashing soft foods such as a ripe banana, make one and save the other serves well.


It’s easy to say but do not worry yourself too much but with this advice, it reassures you how it can affect your health. Be sure to get plenty of rest as well as good sleep. Taking it a day at a time, with checklists to make each day productive without overworking yourself is good for you and baby.


Sign up for reading material, there are lots of parenting magazine for beginners. Great reading material to help you learn new tips and techniques. Online free subscriptions are also available and come with valuable coupons too.


Saving for the future seems absurd especially when it comes to education such as college. With 18 or more years until they leave home, it’s great to take the right steps to cementing a success for you child in the future.

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Within a blink of an eye and they’re all grown up, enjoy the process of all stages starting from the pregnancy. Embrace every step and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or others around you.


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