Best Bridal Veils to Match Your Bridal Gown

A bride’s wedding ensemble will not be complete without a veil. One can even say that a wedding veil requires as much attention as the wedding gown. As such, it is not surprising for brides-to-be to want the best bridal veils made available to them. It is only then that they can choose the best veils to match their bridal gown. The question is how does a bride pick the best veil?

There are several types of veils to choose from. The trick is to choose a veil that will best complement your wedding dress. Thus you have to consider the material, length, and design of the veil before making the final decision. A Cathedral Wedding Veil goes well with grand wedding gowns or long gowns with a train. The cathedral veil usually has a train that is longer than the dress. Ideally the train of the veil should only go a bit past the hem of the gown. But some prefer it to go way beyond the hem for a more dramatic effect.


Short veils like the Fingertip and Elbow Veils are best worn with wedding dresses that show off the back. The Fingertip Veil has a length that falls just about your finger tips. They are the usual preference of traditional brides. The Elbow veil is its shorter version as it falls around the elbows only. This veil can complement gowns with a low or open back especially if it falls just beyond the edge of the dress. Some of the best bridal veils falling under these categories also have a double piece of sheer fabric to cover the face. They are known as blusher veils.

The shortest of them all is the Birdcage Veil. These veils are usually made of simple netting materials and falls just below the eyes. The longest length of this veil only reaches around the chin level. The Birdcage is perfect for modern gowns with layered lace designs or Vintage inspired bridal gowns.

Aside from choosing the length of the veil, the materials and embellishment are also important considerations. The bride should also be comfortable wearing the veil and not just look good in it.  Fashion trends can also be a factor in choosing the best bridal veils for your wedding. However, the most important criterion to consider is its ability to complement your wedding gown.

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