Getting Yourself In Wedding Shape Without Compromising Your Health


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It’s unnerving, and a little upsetting, how many beautiful women put themselves through agony in the lead up to their wedding. As if life isn’t complicated enough with all the inevitable logistical stress of wedding planning, many brides exacerbate their anxiety by becoming obsessed with losing weight for the big day. Don’t get me wrong, every bride should look (and more importantly) feel stunning on her big day, but this needn’t come at the expense of your health. Getting yourself in shape for your wedding is rarely so much a matter of weight loss as a matter of health in your diet and your lifestyle. After all, what’s the point in looking slim in your gorgeous wedding gown if your new husband lifts up your veil to see a face that’s sunken and malnourished?

It’s not enough to keep unwanted wobbly bits at bay, you deserve radiant skin, glossy hair and shiny eyes as you walk down the aisle on this most romantic of days. A talented shutterbug like Vittore Buzzi photographer can capture your beauty, but it’s up to you to bring that extra sparkle on the big day. Here’s how…

Whatever you do, avoid crash diets

Starving yourself and subsisting on nothing but cabbage soup is only going to make you malnourished, tired and irritable, not great qualities for a bride to be. Crash dieting is not only counterproductive, but potentially damaging to your health. Many crash diets ‘work’ by massively reducing caloric intake and while this may result in a brief period of weight loss, this is very often unsustainable and deprives your body of essential nutrients that you need to be at your best (and with so many logistical plates spinning, you need to be at your best).

This kind of diet will not only make you grouchy, irritable and unable to concentrate because of your rock-bottom electrolyte levels, but your every waking moment will be spent fantasizing about cake. Not a great way to spend the run up to your wedding.

If you’re busy, blend!

Getting the right kind of nutrition can be tricky when you’re constantly on the go, so a good blender or smoothie maker is a great investment. Packing as many vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts as you can into a smoothie is a great way to start your day, giving you a burst of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

Cut out the meat and dairy

Going vegan in the lead up to your wedding is not only proven to be the best diet for sustainable weight loss, it’s the best diet for overall health as well. Many people lose weight quickly on low carb, high fat diets like the Atkins or Dukkan diets but these (apart from being awful for your cholesterol levels) tend to fall apart when your (perfectly natural) craving for complex carbohydrates comes into play. Plant based diet are not only more nutrient rich than their meat heavy counterparts, they’re also far less likely to leave you feeling bloated and making unpleasant emissions as you stride up the aisle to your beloved.


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