We’re All Having a Great Time: How to Take the Whole Family on Vacation

Multigenerational travel is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because so many families live quite far apart so these types of vacations provide them with a wonderful way of meeting up and spending quality time as a family unit.


However, when you’re presented with the task of creating a vacation that’ll cater for everyone from grandparents to toddlers, it can feel like an impossible feat. When you start to think about accommodating different interests, personalities, and ages, you may feel as though it’s not going to work. But worry no more, because we’ve put together some fabulous tips that’ll make sure your next family vacation is the trip of a lifetime:

Allow Plenty of Time for Planning

The key to organizing any family vacation is to plan well in advance. With so many of your family members leading busy lives, it’s often difficult to find a time when everyone will be free. Therefore, if you can start discussing your plans a year or so in advance, it’ll be easier for you all to agree on a vacation date.

Consider Everyone’s Expectations  

What’s the main purpose of this trip? Is it for you all to spend much-needed time together? If so, you may feel as though a condo or rental home is going to be best suited to your needs. However, if you know that you’ll all want to go off and do your own thing, a family-friendly hotel like Marriott Fairview Park may be a much better option.

Before you book anything, do some thorough research to make sure the entire family’s needs will be catered for, looking for plenty of nearby attractions if you’re intending on doing day trips out as a group.

Involve Everyone

When you’re organizing where you’re going to stay, someone will probably say they “don’t care.” However, it’s highly likely that when they get to your accommodation they’ll have something to say about it! That’s why it’s important to involve everyone in the planning stage so it’s flexible and fun for you all but also so there isn’t just one person who’s left trying to organize everything.

After everyone has suggested where they’d like to stay and what activities they’d like to get involved in, put together a shortlist and ask each family member to vote for their favorite. This makes sure everyone feels as though they’ve had a say in the plans.

Create Activities for Everyone

To make sure everyone’s thoroughly entertained while you’re away, it’s crucial you arrange some activities. Look for a range of things to do and make it clear that everyone can choose what they want to do and don’t have to be involved in everything. Try to create some options for people who don’t want to participate in the activity of the day, while also making sure adults are well catered for and that all the events aren’t just based around the kids.

Planning a family vacation need not be hard, you just need to make sure everyone’s tastes and interests are met and that everyone has been involved in the planning stage. Once this has been taken care of, all you need to do is enjoy this quality time together as a family, capturing all those special moments on camera!

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