Pop The Perfect Proposal



Are you hoping that your man will get down on one knee and pop the big question sometime soon? Well, if so, you might want to print out this blog post as it is full of tips for the perfect proposal. It might spur him on to go out and buy the perfect ring, hopefully!

Ring Shopping

Arguably one of the most important parts of any proposal and engagement is the engagement ring. Obviously, lots of guys get nervous about buying engagement rings as they are worried that they will buy one that their girlfriend really doesn’t like. Thankfully, though, there is one easy way around this. They should Google celebrity engagement rings and see what the rich and famous are buying their beloveds. If you get the same style as the A-listers of the world, there is no way you can go wrong! Take a look on the 77 Diamonds engagement rings website for lots of insider tips about current celebrity ring trends. You may be very surprised at how affordable the rings are!


Get The Family Involved

Some guys like to get their fiance-to-be’s family involved. This makes for an extra-special proposal that no one will forget for a very long time! There are lots of different ways you can involve someone’s family into the proposal. For instance, you might want to ask if they will help you surprise her. One nice idea is to get the family to hide while you are proposing, and then they can all jump out and carry on the celebrations with you both.

Hire A Photographer

Lots of couples want to try and mark their proposal some way or another. A professional photographer can help you do this without too many problems. You might want to get them to capture the moment that you get down on one knee to pop the question. That way, you can always remember your partner’s look of surprise on their face. Alternatively, you could arrange to do an engagement photo shoot for a few days after the big proposal.

Take The Proposal To A Special Place

Remember where you went on your first date? Maybe you can remember where it was the first time that you realized you were in love? If you have a very special place that the two of you have fond memories of, you might want to take your partner back so that you propose to her there. That way, you can make some more extra special memories at such a magical place.

Gift A Memory Box

You will no doubt have already shared a lot of special memories and moments together, and will have a lot of trinkets and mementoes to prove it. As a nice extra gift for your partner, could fill a gift box with all of these items. Make sure you wrap it up with a cute bow as a pretty touch.

Ok girls, so if you pass on all of these tips to your boyfriends, they should hopefully get the hint. And this time next year, you might be a missus!

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