How to Create a Toddler’s Room for 2018

Image Credit: Pixabay

When they are fast outgrowing their baby room, toddlers are a nightmare to design around. On the one hand, they will need furniture that is small enough to suit them in their playtime, on the other,  you really want to save money by finding things that they can also grow into.

Lots of toddlers are boisterous and playful, meaning that they will need plenty of room on the floor for their activities, but this room must also be calming enough at night to send them off to sleep on time. It’s a fine balance between the two.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

In 2017, pastels have been everywhere from quiet spaces for reading to the kitchen. Next year, the Pantone forecast suggests that while pastels are still popular, more vibrant shades will be fashionable. While this is great for making your whole house a bit more playful, it does pose a few problems about how to do your toddler’s room. Vibrant colors are a great stimulus and seem to encourage activity. This is great for getting them out of bed, not so great when they are going to sleep.

A good compromise in any child’s room is to use a soft neutral palette of cream shades and then add pops of color in your accessories. This should provide you with a nice middle ground so that your child will be able to play in an exciting space without it all getting too much late at night.

Furniture to Grow Into

Finding furniture for children at a young age is a really frustrating task. When they are a little bit older, a raised bed with storage underneath will be ideal, but when they are still too little to climb up on their own, they might get irritated that they can’t move about. Similarly, as they move during the night, you need to make sure that they won’t fall out but at some point those rails are going to have to come off.

The best thing to do is look at bedroom sets that can grow with your child. Storage space is key so the more shelf and cupboard space you can get in, the calmer the bedroom will become once all their toys are packed away.

Role Play, Toys and Learning

Children’s bedrooms are where they will do a lot of growing up. Here they will act out roles, play with toys and dress up, all the while learning fine motor skills and social skills and developing their imagination and creativity. All of these things are so important for your child’s development that you might easily feel the pressure to create a magical space for them.

In 2018, the child’s bedroom is all about bringing nature inside and teaching them to love their planet and environment from a really young age. Given that the climate is in such trouble, it is perhaps an unsurprising trend, but with leafy wallpapers, plenty of toy animals and a green as grass carpet, they will have a wonderland to love and cherish.

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