Avoiding Injuries Common to New Parents

Avoiding Injuries Common to New Parents

No one ever said being a new parent is easy. Not only are you finally grasping what it means to care for another life – one who can’t do much on their own – but there are even some injuries to which new parents are particularly susceptible. If you want to keep yourself in good condition, and in a better mood to spend time with your kids, it’s important to know what these injuries are and how you can avoid them.

Trip and Fall

Imagine this scenario – it’s early in the morning and the baby starts crying. It’s your turn to get up with them, even though you only fell asleep a few hours ago. Sleep deprived, you start making your way into your child’s bedroom. The next thing you know you’re on the ground, having tripped over some toy that was left out. If you’re a new parent, this situation doesn’t seem that unlikely.

Tripping and falling can lead to a host of injuries. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk away without anything significant, and be more annoyed than anything. In many cases, you’ll have some wrist injuries to deal with, since you put your hands out to break your fall. Luckily, according to ChiropractorAtlanta.com “Most patients who experience wrist pain, whether acute or chronic, can easily find relief through Chiropractic Treatment, without having to rely on prescription medication or other temporary solution”

To avoid the injuries altogether, do your best to put away anything on the ground when you’re done with it, so you don’t accidentally trip over it.

Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint among new parents. We’re getting older, so of course are muscles are not as strong as they were when we were younger. However, new parents have it extra tough. We spend our days picking up a heavy child, putting them back down, and then picking them up again. If you’re not lifting properly, or standing with the correct posture, you’re going to have some pain problems.

To fix this, make sure you lift with your legs whenever you bend down. You’ll also want to work on your posture whenever you’re standing – shoulders back, weight balanced evenly between your feet – and when you’re sitting. Also, make sure you’re sleeping on a good mattress at night so that you don’t wake up with a stiff back.

Neck Pain

Back pain and neck pain usually go hand in hand. New parents might experience neck pain from looking down at their kids, falling asleep in an uncomfortable position, or from improperly lifting their child. Make sure you are stretching your neck throughout the day, and that you are sleeping in the right positions. You might fall asleep with your child in your arms as you rock them to sleep, but try to put a pillow behind your neck for support before you do.

Scratched Cornea

An injury that new parents are especially prone to compared to everyone else is that of a scratched cornea. One minute you’re holding your new child, playing with them or feeding them, and the next they’ve stuck their finger in your eye. Normally this might not be a big deal, except you forgot to clip your child’s fingernails. Now you’ve got a scratched cornea you need to deal with.

To prevent this, make sure you are keeping on top of your child’s fingernails. Keep them short so that they won’t scratch you or themselves by accident.


Finally, if there’s one thing new parents are familiar with, it’s headaches. Getting through the day taking care of a child is hard enough – trying to do it with a headache is next to impossible. Headaches can come from a variety of sources. You might not be getting enough sleep, you could be stressed, you could be dehydrated, or maybe your posture needs some work.

When you’re a new parent, the focus is often entirely on your new child. It’s important to take some time for yourself, to relax and recover. It’s easier said than done, but if you want to treat the headaches, this is what you need to do.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s hard to take care of your kids if you don’t take care of yourself first. Some minor changes can keep you healthy and in great condition to be there for your kids. Get enough sleep, work on your posture, lift things properly, and take some time to relax. If you can do all of this, hopefully you’ll avoid most of the injuries common amongst new parents.


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