The sky’s the limit — 5 fab family holiday hacks


Jetting off to the sun with your family can be bliss — whether you’re vacationing in Hawaii or Jamaica or just hopping from LA to New York to bond with relatives.

But when you’ve got young kids in tow, the whole endeavour can be tricky, from planning stages to transportation and arrival at the airport.

And if you’re not careful, you’ll arrive at your dream destination feeling more burned out than a spent matchstick.

But help is at hand — the sky’s the limit for a bombastic break with these five fab family holiday hacks.


  • Mindfulness


First and foremost, take steps to protect your own mental health and defend yourself from stress.

And you don’t have to don orange robes or walk barefoot to drink from the calming cup of Buddhist wisdom, because mindfulness apps like Headspace condense the most useful elements into quick exercises that clear your head quick-smart.

After a few sessions, you’ll be calm, cool and collected in situations that used to make you stressed.


  • Snacks


In simple terms, kids will usually stop crying, cussing and acting out if their mouths are stuffed with food.

But don’t fill them full of sugary treats in case they become so supercharged you’re peeling them from the car roof.

Healthy yet tasty alternatives include granola bars, popcorn trail mix, string cheese and apple chips. After this fantastic feast, they might even be too full to demand an overpriced meal at the airport.


  • Parking


Sometimes the simplest vacay tips are the most vital — and pre-booking parking at the airport definitely falls into this category.

An airport parking site like can help you bag a bargain on secure undercover or open air facilities near any airport in the US — from Brooklyn, New York to Boise, Idaho. And if you pay a little extra for a valet service, you can step out of your ride and roll right into the terminal.

Making arrangements for parking in plenty of time removes one major pre-flight headache.


  • Car games


Believe it or not, old school car games can still entertain kids — even in the age of constant digital distractions.

So on your way to the airport, take the lead in instigating games of ‘I spy’, ‘Animal, Vegetable, Mineral’, ‘Spot the car’ and mind-boggling memory tests like ‘I went to the shops’.

You might be surprised how much these old classics amuse children — particularly if they’ve never played them before.


  • Designer suitcases


No one needs to mortgage their home for haute couture luggage to make their children feel engaged with vacation plans.

But trendy RideBox cases from JetKids by Stokke might be worth investing in — they’re cool enough to make the pickiest child buy into holiday plans they’d previously dismissed as boring.

The clever thing about these cases is that they’re sturdy enough to ride on, but small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage — a double-whammy of design delight.

So there are our five family holiday hacks to help you prepare for a hassle-free trip that warms the heart and helps your brood bond brilliantly.

What are your favourite family holiday hacks? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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