Christmas Wish List of Kids Who Love Robots

Others say that naughty kids won’t be in Santa’s list, but we all know that Santa has gifts for everyone including naughty ones.  But of course it doesn’t hurt to remind kids that Santa always brings something special for nice kids. Like most parents you may also be wondering what is on the Christmas wish list of kids today. I can think of a million things that kids would love this season but it would be nice to get a gift that fits your child’s interest.

Game consoles and gadgets are popular wish list items for both kids and adults. But lately there has been a growing interest in robotic toys and AI devices. If you have kids who love to build or tinker with robots then robot kits could be a great hit. Here are a couple of kits that can help your kids play, learn and create their own robots.

DIY Robot Kits. Help your kids build their own robots with kits that are equipped with blocks, sensors, motors, etc. You can get these kits for around $50 at a minimum depending on the brand and the contents.  One good brand that you can start with is LEGO®. This trusted brand has come a long way from simply being building blocks for kids. They now have robotic kits that help your kids create robotic creatures that they can program. Simply take your pick among products like the LEGO® BOOST® or the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 for toys that your kids will love.

Movie Themed Robot Kits. Action figures and dolls are classic gift items for kids. But if you love bots, their programmable counterpart is a better option. Thus, a Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit from LittleBits or Jurrassic Park Kamigami Robots would fit the Christmas wish list of kids who love robots.

AI Robot Kits. These are ready built robots with AI capabilities. Such robots can be used as a toy, learning tool, and companion for kids. This is because they can be programmed to interact with kids. A couple of good options include the Boxer Interactive Robot and Cozmo Robot from Anki. Aside from AI features, your techie kids can also enjoy practicing their coding skills at the Cozmo Code Lab. This is definitely one robot that fits right in a Christmas wish list for kids of the modern world.

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