Beauty Routines For Busy Mothers

Beauty Routines For Busy Mothers

Many busy mothers will think back with a sense of nostalgia to the days before they became mothers and could afford to spend a big budget on their beauty and make-up products, even if they were seldom used items.

Things change when you become a mother and you have a new life to look after. Your priority becomes your baby, and the amount of money you used to spend on your hair and make-up can end up being more than halved, especially when you switch to spending your money on nappies, wipes and baby products instead of make-up and skin care products for yourself.

Here are some top tips to change your beauty routine for the better now that you are a busy mother:

Makeover your make-up bag

Make up tools

Our make-up bags are now in need of a serious make-over of their own. Time consuming products that we once loved, such as skin primers, contour powder and highlighter have now been abandoned, so it makes sense to minimise and streamline your beauty routine to become more effective in a short amount of time. Remove anything that you don’t use every day and keep your favourite products within easy reach.

Have a French manicure

Who says that being practical has to be boring? If you were used to glamorous nails before motherhood, then you can still have beautiful nails with a French manicure. The added bonus is that your nails can look good short and a good French manicure will stand up to a bit of wear and tear from household chores, washing up, feeding and changing baby.

Get a low maintenance hairstyle

Low maintenance haircut

If you were used to heading to the hair salon every couple of months to get your hair done, then you may find the time between appointments will start to lengthen greatly. The best way to keep your hair looking good for longer is to get a new hairstyle or cut that complements your face shape, is easy to look after and will still look good while it grows out.

Take time out for a special beauty treatment

Facial Treatment

We all need a bit of pampering for a special occasion such as a birthday or for Christmas, so why not treat yourself to a therapeutic body treatment or address an issue with your body that has been bothering you since you became a mother. If you have experienced sagging skin from your pregnancy, then you can help address this with non-surgical laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Being a mother can also be very tiring and you may start to notice some fine lines appearing, especially around your eyes. Indulging in an anti-wrinkle treatment can not only help improve the look of your skin, but it can help to slow down the progression of deeper wrinkles forming as we age.

Me-time is important, so why not drop some hints to your loved ones that you would like to have gifts for birthdays and Christmas that are just for you alone.

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