Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home this Season

Celebrations for the Christmas Season is about to start any time soon. Is your home ready for the occasion? We are not just talking about putting up holiday decorations and prepping the kitchen here. The safety of your guests and family members from holiday hazards are equally important. Here is a short rundown of holiday hazards along with some holiday safety tips for you to consider.

  • Hazard #1: Christmas Lights. Bright and colourful Christmas lights bring life to our Christmas tree and around the house as well. Unfortunately, they can also bring hazards in your house if not installed properly. Kids can get tripped from wires or accidentally electrocuted by playing with it. Lights can also be a fire hazard for your house if you are not careful.


  • Safety Tips:
    • Always buy Christmas lights that have passed international safety standards. Also look for quality seal and safety tests rating especially if lights are to be used outdoors.
    • Inspect lights for broken sockets, any exposed or frayed wires, or loose connection. You may also want to replace bulbs that are not working properly.
    • Avoid using electric lights on metallic trees because it might electrocute a person who touches the tree.
    • Always turn off the lights when you leave the house and when you go to bed to reduce risk of short circuit and fire.
    • Arrange wires properly to ensure that people won’t get tripped.


  • Hazard #2: Sharp or Breakable Christmas Decors. Christmas baubles and decors that make your home look bright can also spell danger to your kids. Decorations that are made of ceramic or glass can break easily when accidentally dropped. Christmas trees with pointed tips may also poke or scratch your kids if they get too close.


  • Safety Tips:
    • Choose your decors carefully especially if you have young kids around the house.
    • Avoid using breakable decors if you can. If this is not possible, then make sure that the kids don’t handle them or place them in areas that the kids won’t reach.


  • Hazard#3: Christmas Gifts. When it comes to toys and gifts for your kids, it doesn’t hurt to be paranoid. Some of the toys that are being sold in the market today have safety issues too. Common toy hazards are high lead content, choking hazards, or inappropriate for your child’s age.


  • Safety Tips:
    • Always check toy labels, not just for the gifts that your kids receive but also those that you will give.

Share more than just cheers this Christmas season. Spreading these holiday safety tips is a great way to keep celebrations fun and safe.

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