Safety Measures for Internet Use of Your Children

Do you know what your kids are doing when they use their gadgets? Most parents would like to think that they do but it’s hard to be 100% sure about it. Unless of course you have a software that enables you to control and monitor your kids’ online activities. Given the dangers lurking in the cyberworld it is prudent to have safety measures for internet use of your kids. Here are some steps that you can take to keep your kids safe while using the internet.

  1. Teach your kids how to use the internet. Some kids learn how to use the internet by themselves which could be both good and bad. While it can be good for kids to explore and learn independently, this could also expose them to inappropriate content or bad influence in the net. As such, parents should be there with their kids as they learn to explore the net. This means teaching kids not to click on links, respond to pop ups, or going to unfamiliar sites. Parents should also explain the reason behind each “do’s and don’t” of the internet for kids to fully understand the dangers involved.
  2. Secure your settings. Once your kids are left to use the internet on their own you it’s hard to ensure that they won’t stray to sites with inappropriate or adult content. However, you can minimize this risk by putting basic safety measures for internet use in your browser settings. You can opt for a Safe Mode search setting that prevents adult content from appearing in your searches. You can also choose to block sites that you don’t approve of so that your kids won’t get access to it.
  3. Lay down the ground rules. The internet is used for a wide array of activities ranging from learning, gaming, and socializing. One way to make sure that it is being used properly is to lay down some ground rules. This includes setting a schedule for internet or gadget use and filtering apps that can be accessed. It is also important to set time limit for playing games and social media use. Don’t worry about seeming too strict with your rules, the important thing is to keep your child safe from both the dangers in the internet and overuse of their gadgets.
  4. Monitor your child’s online activity. You may not be able to watch over your kids 24/7 but there are ways to monitor their online activity. One is to install a security software with parental control over schedule and access of the internet. This is perhaps the most efficient safety measures for internet use that you can put in place. A more primitive way of doing it is to simply not let your kids get their hands on these gadgets when no one is there to supervise them.

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