Perfect Fit with Barefoot Technology

Ill-fitting footwear can cause blisters, bunions, and soreness in your child’s feet. It can also restrict the child’s movement and affect their balance. As such, comfort and efficiency should be the primary criteria in choosing shoes for children. I often look for shoes with breathable fabric, heel support and cushioning. These are features that spell comfort for your feet. That was before I heard about barefoot technology from vivobarefoot shoes.

VivoBarefoot for Kids

The best way to experience movement without any restriction is to go barefoot. Unfortunately, walking barefoot exposes your feet to scrapes, stubs, and germs. But, these are no longer concerns with barefoot technology. Vivobarefoot shoes are designed to promote natural movement of the feet. It allows the body to use its natural attributes for motion control, shock absorption, and sensory feedback. With no artificial cushions and support, the child’s feet is able to develop naturally and become stronger in the long run. Shoes with barefoot technology also allows you to navigate in different terrains. This makes them a good option for active kids.


Everything about barefoot technology appealed to me so I got a pair for my son. I found some nice looking school shoes and rain boots at My final choice was the Lenni Shoes in orange and navy. It is made from lightweight and flexible materials to ensure comfort and efficiency. I like the stylish look and color combination of the shoes. The adjustable hook and loop strap is another plus for me. I feel that straps are safer for kids because it minimizes the risk of tripping. The final verdict for barefoot technology lies in my son’s feedback.

I had no trouble convincing my son to try his new shoes. The colors appealed to him and it was really lightweight. He felt comfortable in it and did not seem to mind wearing it the whole day. We tried the shoes for outdoor activities and it worked well too. The Lenni Shoes from vivobarefoot meets our comfort and efficiency requirement. It is also good to know that these shoes help develop stronger feet and promote better movement. Considering all these, it seems that barefoot technology is a perfect fit for us.

If you are still looking for back to school shoes, check out VivoBarefoot 

Plaids and Pleats for Mommy Fashion 2016

Moms who opt to stay at home for the family usually don’t feel the need to dress-up for their daily tasks. They prefer to wear comfortable clothes that allow them to perform chores efficiently. But even if moms do the dirty jobs at home, they can also look and feel fabulous in their job. The 2016 Fashion runways featured some plaid prints and pleats design that moms can use for their wardrobe guide. Working with these trends can help them come up with a fashionable look every day.

Moms who want to look feminine or dainty can check their closet for cotton dresses that they can wear for daily chores. The small pleats trend work well in cinched dresses and skirts so this should be easy to pull off.  Go for light or pastel colours and floral prints for an ultra-feminine vibe. Those who do not feel comfortable wearing a dress for housework can set their eye on tops and bottoms with plaid prints. They can simply scout for some plaid cotton shirts and pair it with a monochrome bottom. If you are not a fan of plaid tops then perhaps skirts or pants with plaid prints will work for you. Plaid bottoms look nice with plain or monochrome crew neck like this one below.

cashmere sweater

plaid skirt




ILightweight and cool fabrics like cotton or silk are great for spring and summer season while wool and cashmere are better for fall and winter. Moms who are preparing their outfits for fall and winter can check out the cashmere tops and wool skirts with plaid prints at Dunedin Cashmere. You can choose from different plain coloured tops with crew neck, V-neck, and polo neckline that you can pair with your plaid bottoms. The nice thing about these skirts is that they also have some pleats on the side. It’s like combining two trends in one bottom.

Moms are some of the busiest people around that sometimes they tend to take their looks for granted. This shouldn’t be the case when you have fashion tools that can help you look and feel better while doing your chores. Household tasks can make you feel frazzled but you can still look dazzling with the right outfit and the right attitude.

Head over to to find more cute plaids and pleats!

5 Ways to Find the Right Prom Dresses Without Paying Too Much

With the prom season upon us, we need to start preparing for the glamorous day. It’s all about that perfect dress with the right shade to suit your complexion, matching shoes and accessories.

prom dresses

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And finally, a confident, bright smile to bring it all together. Here are few tips on how you can do without have to spend too much!

The best sort of dresses would definitely be something that’s simple yet classy, and that will always remain in fashion. This would prove to be pocket-friendly as you can recycle the look for other such fancy occasions!

1. Jazz up previously bought dresses

This is something that you can think about, maybe go over you’re the clothes in your wardrobe in case you’re absolutely short on cash. Maybe you can add some embroidery or sequins to a dress which you’ve worn before. Lace would look elegant as well. Maybe dye it a different color, or add some extra buttons or frills to make it look extra pretty.

Also, you could add relevant matching accessories or jeweled shoes or somewhat heavy make-up which would definitely make up for the dress in case it isn’t too fancy.

2. Celebrity dresses

This is another option which you can try out where you can buy  celebrity prom dresses  online for low prices. This is pretty affordable with great discounts, and you can be sure to stand out that evening because after all they have been chosen by celebrities. They have a wide variety of dresses  as well to suit you on this special day.

3. Rent clothes

Another idea which is easy on the wallet is to rent out dresses for the night. This is very commonly done as one might not want to wear that high school dress again and also, one may not have a lot of cash to spend. Again here, you can try out stuff to see which suits your better.

4. Hair and Makeup

Giving focus to your hair and makeup plays a huge role in your overall look when dressing up for prom. Style your hair as you want, maybe include some accessories there like bands or clips to add some extra oomph. Add some make-up to highlight those features on your face. This will add the elegance brought on by the dress!

5. Accessorize well

Since you aren’t spending too much on the dress, pay attention to accessories. Put on pretty earrings that would go with the dress. A fashionable statement necklace, maybe some rings as well.

Make sure to carry a suitable purse for the night which would be convenient and stylish. It has to be a little on the fancy side if you want it to make up for the dress. Maybe you can jazz up already fancy bags by using sequins and lace.

Finally don’t forget to wear a confident smile, and comfortable shoes which are appropriate as this will pull your look together.

Buying Jayhawk Apparel Online


University of Kansas fans who want to show support for their sports teams will be delighted to find an online retailer that offers a variety of Jayhawk apparel. They can click here on the retailer’s website to buy clothing and other items.

Fans who want apparel that will keep them warm during an outdoor game in cold weather can buy sweatshirts or hoodies. Basketball sweatshirts are available in navy blue. Sweatshirts with a Jayhawks design come in royal blue. Hoodies are available in red, royal blue and gray. Shoppers can buy knit caps or winter hats to keep their heads warm.

Clothing to wear in warm weather includes T-shirts. T-shirts with the Jayhawks design come in red and royal blue. Customers can buy short-sleeved basketball T-shirts in navy and royal blue. Shirts with the school logo are available in royal blue, red, brown and pink. Umbrellas, can holders and water bottles are some of the items that people might want to bring to game that is played during the spring or early fall.

Dog owners who want their pets to show support for the school teams can buy dog collars and leashes.

Fans who want to show their support for the school everywhere they go can buy license plates, license plate frames and car decals.


Style Forecast for Prom 2014

dress firstWhile many are busy preparing for the holidays, most teens are now starting to plan for one of their most awaited social gatherings – their High School Prom.  Teenage years won’t be complete without THE prom experience.  It’s no wonder many girls are already looking for that perfect prom dress this early.  I know I also took months sketching designs and browsing through catalogues when I went to my own prom years ago.  Looking at all the online sites nowadays, I can’t help thinking how lucky girls are now what with all the choices they have now and the convenience online shopping offers.

For those who are still looking for prom dresses, here are some style forecast for prom 2014 that you may want to consider:
dress first peach dress first black dressfirst gold
Sheers and Cutouts.  Stretch mesh or illusions will still be in fashion next season.  Exposed corsets and cutouts on the back with sheer fabric exude sexy sophistication.
Lace. Although deemed old-fashioned and passé a few years ago, lace has been back on trend.  They make perfect complements to illusion corsets or backs.  Pair them with sequins and beads and you’ve got one glamorous ensemble.
High Neckline. A dress with a high neckline conveys a sense of royalty and elegance.  An illusion back or sheer cutouts would soften the effect and add a bit of sexiness.
Unique Accessories.  Avant-garde accessories that would stand out and be great conversation starters are something that you should watch out for.  If you’re crafty, you can even create one yourself.

While it’s everyone’s wish to be able to wear majestic gowns by the most prestigious designers, it isn’t always wise to spend much more than you can afford just for a dress you’d wear once.  There are cheap prom dresses available that are affordable yet still elegant.  Do remember that more than looking your absolute best, prom is all about enjoying a wonderful night with your friends.

Which Wedges Will Suit You?

A recent survey in the USA revealed that 42% of women surveyed admitted that they would wear shoes that caused them discomfort, if they liked them. High heels are usually cited as the type of women’s’ shoe most likely to cause them pain when wearing them, or even longer-term medical problems.

Wedges are universally portrayed as the perfect win-win alternative to heels, providing extra height without the problems associated with high heels. A fundamental question to be asked when considering what style of wedges suit you is the height of them; are you a high or low wedge person, or like most of us, do you want different heights of wedges for different outfits and occasions?


The first point to consider is how the height of the wedges will affect how you look. Extra height underneath the heel of a shoe accentuates the wearer’s calves, makes their legs appear longer and their feet smaller. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, boosts the confidence of those of shorter stature, by making them feel taller and allowing them to operate at the same eye-level as even the tallest of their peers. The appeal of high heels has been luring women since they first appeared in the 16th century; low heels, on the contrary, apart from a brief period in the 1990s, have always played second fiddle to them, as ‘useful’, everyday items, in many peoples’ thoughts at least. These considerations apply just as much to wedges as to high heels.

Once you have decided on the approximate height of the wedge heel, you can now move on to examining the styles of wedges available. Wedge shoes come in all styles, from formal to casual; from glamorous to utilitarian. They can go with anything from a wedding dress to a bond-girl jumpsuit, believe it or not.

Casual wedges usually have uppers made of leather and rubber or wooden heels. Some have woven heels with canvas uppers, which are also known as espadrilles. If you are looking to pair up some exciting footwear to go with a sundress, a swimsuit or shorts, look no further than a low heeled casual wedge. For the office, the perfect accompaniment to a suit with pants is a patent look pair of wedges, with three or four-inch heels.

Casual wedges

For a classy night out, black platform, peep toe T bars or seriously high caged platform wedges look great. For those in-between moments, try out a pair of burgundy patent court wedges or step down a rung and into a pair of delicately elegant stone buckle, low wedge strappy sandals. Alternatively, for something different that will definitely make you stride ahead of the crowd, try on a pair of daring blue suedette ankle strap wedges, and watch peoples’ eyes turn as you enter the room.

It really is a case of working out what look is best for you in terms of wedge height and design. Once you have decided how you want to look you should have no trouble finding your perfect wedges.

List of 5 Best Skin Health Maintenance Tips

Top Five Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Looking after your skin should be an important part of your daily routine. Whilst piling on make-up might hide blemishes and make you look good for a while, if you aren’t looking after your skin properly, all you are going to do is damage it.

Skin Care Essentials

Taking good care of your skin doesn’t have to be time consuming, and it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you know where to look, it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Having these five essentials on hand will ensure your skin stays healthy and looks amazing. Beside that, all these treatments are not expensive, but even if you don’t have enough money to invest into such products, you can always search around for coupons and vouchers which can help you save some money.

By the end of this article, you might want to get on board and buy some skin care products and for that reason you can check out some of goodlife vouchers at We would like your feedback on the experience 🙂

1. Moisturiser

Often the process of applying and removing make-up, as well as other factors such as the weather, can dry out your skin and leave it looking dull. Applying moisturiser every day will ensure your skin is kept refreshed and healthy. Botanics Day Shift Moisturiser is available for just £4.38, and is an incredibly effective product for such a small price. Body butters and soufflés are also great for keeping your body soft and smooth.

moisturiser for skin

2. Good quality cleanser

When you take off your make-up at night, often some gets left behind, and you end up waking up with panda eyes and potentially damaged skin. Using a good quality cleanser such as Olay Essentials Eye Make-up Remover (£2.50) will help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, as well as leaving it squeaky clean and soft.

3. Anti-ageing cream

Although not such an issue for the younger generation, ageing can cause problems with confidence in a lot of mature people. Although aged skin really only adds wisdom to your face, many don’t see it that way, and resort to expensive anti-ageing treatments to keep their skin looking young and supple. A treatment such as NIVEA VISAGE Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream, available for just £5, will do just as good a job, but won’t cost the earth, so you no longer need to be envious of the younger generation’s beautiful skin.

4. Hand treatment

It’s not just your face that can suffer during the cold (or hot) months of the year. The wear and tear of your daily beauty regime is nothing compared to what your hands go through each day. Many say that hands are the first sign of ageing, and really they should get a lot more attention than they do. Hands are a canvas on which you display some of your most beautiful assets, from wedding and engagement rings to glamorous nails, so it makes sense to keep them looking gorgeous, too. Using a hand and nail cream such as Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Hand and Nail Cream (£3.99) will keep your hands soft and smooth and protect them from the harsh tasks of everyday life.

5. Exfoliating body and face wash

When it comes to keeping your skin soft and smooth, few things work better than a good scrub with an exfoliating product. Giving you a deep clean and removing dry skin at the same time, exfoliating body washes are ideal for giving you baby-soft skin. Face washes with exfoliating beads will help to remove oil and grease and protect you from breakouts. Clean and Clear daily facial scrubs are really effective and are available for under £5.

skin care and health

Although you can find these products cheaply, some people find that only certain products really work well for them, and it might be that you are unfortunate enough to have to stick to expensive products. If that’s the case, then don’t fret – there are ways around it. Discount vouchers and codes are a great way to save money, as they can knock the price of a product right down, or get you special offers which you wouldn’t find in store. It’s easy to find discount vouchers online, and they’re a great excuse to treat yourself to something a little more expensive.

Look after Your Kids before They Are Born

As a parent, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to make sure that your kids are taken care of and that your spouse has the resources to do so if you pass away. If you don’t yet have children but plan on having them in the future, you may want to take a few steps to prepare for them in advance. By getting started early, you may be able to provide a higher standard of living and security for your kids in the future. In this situation, there are a number of different steps that you can take to provide a better life for your kids.

Insurance Policies

One way that you can potentially help protect the interests of your children is to buy life insurance. Life insurance is a contract that will provide a lump sum payment if you pass away while the policy is in effect. If you are interested in buying a policy, you should have a look at life insurance quotes from some of the providers in your area. Check with an insurance broker as well as individual insurance companies when getting quotes.

When buying a life insurance policy, you need to consider the different types of policies that are available. If you want to provide for your kids over the long-term, you may want to avoid a term policy, as these may not provide benefits long enough. Whole life insurance and universal insurance may be better options to consider as they provide permanent coverage. These options also accumulate a cash value over time as you pay your premiums. This cash value could later be tapped to provide money for your kids in some capacity. You can use the cash value in these policies by taking out a policy loan or by cancelling the policy at some point in the future.

Trust Fund

Another way that you could provide for your children advances by setting up a trust fund. A trust is a legal arrangement in which you set aside assets for your kids to gain access to in the future. With this type of arrangement, you draft a trust document and appoint a trustee to oversee assets. Then you transfer assets into the possession of the trust. These assets could be securities like stocks and bonds, cash or physical property. You can set the terms of the trust fund to provide access to the property once your kids reach a certain age or when you die.

Designate Caretaker

When you have kids, you should also spend some time designating who will take care of your kids if you pass away. This can be done by creating a will and naming a legal guardian for your kids if you die while they are younger than 18. You can also choose an adult to handle their inheritance for them until they are legally old enough to take possession of it.

Planning Ahead

While many people put off the process of estate planning for their kids, doing it now can take a major burden off of your shoulders. If you want to make sure that your kids are always provided for, take these steps now because you never know what tomorrow could hold.