A Few Things You Should Do in Your Baby’s First Six Months

The first six months of your baby’s life is pretty amazing. They learn so much in such a short space of time. Some days it can seem like it is lasting a lifetime. But when you look back on those six months, they really do fly by. So it is important to get as much done in that time as possible. Especially if you’ll be returning to work afterward. So here are some fun and easy activities that you could do with your little ones in those precious first six months.


Photography Session

Your baby will only be a newborn for so long, and savoring those precious moments is really important. One great way to do that is by scheduling in an appointment with a newborn photographer to capture some shots of your little one. The great thing is that if they want to sleep during that time, it still makes for a pretty adorable photo. And another plus is that you don’t have to be in the shots if you don’t want to. They can be all about the baby. So perfect if you’re not quite feeling back to yourself yet.


Baby Massage

The first few months are an important time. Many people call them a ‘fourth trimester,’ as it can take some time for our babies to adjust to life outside the womb. One great way to help them adjust is by attending a baby massage course. It is a great way for the two of you to bond as well. It will set you up with some ideas to help soothe your baby and get them ready for bed in the future too.



Music Time

For the first few weeks, baby’s eyesight is pretty minimal. But their hearing is good right from the first day. So attending a music group, or just making your own at home is a fun way for them to learn. When they’re awake, play music to them and see what they do. From around three or four months they’ll be able to grab and hold onto a rattle or squeaky toy. So having a few of those in is always a good idea so that they can make sounds. It is the early stage of learning cause and effect. When they realize they are the ones that make the sound, it is pretty adorable.



The first few months can be a hard time with a little one. But they can be even worse if they get sick. So making sure that they get scheduled vaccinations is a great idea. The day of the vaccination might be quite tricky, as they could get a fever as a result. But if you’re prepared, and have some medicine in for them, it will make things easier. But it is better than having to have a few hospital appointments later on in life, right?


What are some things that you have done with your little ones in their first six months of life? If you’re going to be a parent soon, then I hope you embrace those first precious months. They’re tiring, but oh so lovely and worth it.

Bringing Baby Home: High Tech Help to Soothe New Parent Nerves

If you’re a new parent, it’s completely normal to feel nervous or scared about what lies ahead. After all, you’ve never done this before so it’s as much a learning curve as it is actually being a parent. Everything is new and nerves are totally natural.

In fact, it’s estimated to take four months for new moms to properly get the hang of motherhood, and many new dads are often scared to hold their baby for the first time. But once you’re discharged from hospital and able to bring your baby home for the first time, the comfort blanket of medical professionals on-hand is gone and the real work has to start. To lessen the nerves of bringing baby home and help soothe any worries you may be feeling, below you’ll find some high-tech solutions for those baby nerves.

4moms Self-Installing Car Seat

A true game-changer in the world of car seats, this innovative 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat is guaranteed to take a load off your mind when it comes to strapping your baby in the car. You’re likely to be pretty nervous the first time you take your baby out anyway, let alone having to worry about keeping the car seat as safe and secure as possible.

This self-installing car seat comes with a user-friendly app that talks you through the exact process of where to place the seat to ensure it’s perfectly secured. Also featuring electric motors that automatically level the seat to keep it 100% safe for your baby at all times, the app will alert you if the seat isn’t perfectly positioned at any point, giving you an instant heads-up if something needs to be altered for the sake of your baby.

Alarm Clock for Me

Being a new parent can wreak havoc on your sleeping pattern. But, with this android alarm clock, drifting to sleep and getting up at early hours won’t seem as much of a chore.

Featuring a handy customizable alarm clock, this app also offers an innovative sleep timer feature that softly lulls you to sleep with either white noise or relaxing music. So, if you find yourself having to get up multiple times to tend to your baby during the night, Alarm Clock for Me makes falling back to sleep that little bit easier.


Smart Pacifier

The first time your baby gets sick is likely to be a nerve-wracking experience for any new parent, so having a device that allows you to both monitor and track your baby’s progress will be a huge help.


The Smart Pacifier is just like a regular pacifier loved by babies, but also takes accurate temperature readings. It saves previous readings too so you can track the progress of your child’s temperature – all from a simple pacifier!


Parenthood is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and fulfilling life experiences you can have, but nerves and worry are highly likely to come along too. But with the added help of these high-tech devices and apps, being a parent will seem a little less scary and much more manageable.


Gabby Rogers gave birth to her son 6 months ago and has a 2-year-old daughter too. Currently staying at home to raise her little family, Gabby shares her thoughts and tips on parenting.

Moms, You Need To Burst That Stress Bubble


Do you constantly find yourself stressed and tense as a mom? It’s completely understandable if you’re dealing with issues like this. Being a mom is stressful, particularly if you’re juggling parent life with a job and other responsibilities as well as your own free time. You might also be worried about whether your kids are safe or whether you’re doing everything you can for them. Are they getting the best life possible under your care? Still, it’s important that you know how to deal with your stress and make sure it doesn’t get the best of you. If you’re not careful, it will and at that point staying focusing on being a great mom to your kids can be difficult.

Sleep Tight

One of the best ways to deal with stress is to make sure that you are getting enough sleep through the night. It’s possible that the reason you feel stressed is that you’re not giving your body the time it needs to heal and recover. Stress can keep you up all night, filling your mind with worry. If that’s the case, you are going to struggle to get the rest you need. That’s why you should think about writing things down before you head for a snooze. Or, alternatively, you can set up a blog. A blog can be a great way of dealing with the things that are causing you stress or anxiety. You can make sure that you feel better before you try and close your eyes.

You might also want to think about your bed. A bad bed will stop you getting enough sleep through the night because you’ll constantly be trying to get comfortable. The answer? Get a great down pillow that gives you neck and head support. Down pillow firmness will determine whether or not you find yourself wriggling and rolling all night.

Me Time

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One of the reasons moms feel stressed is that they focus all their time on their kids and their job. They never actually get any me time which means no chance of relaxing. You need to make sure that you are taking a few hours or even minutes in the day to lie back and relax. You don’t want to constantly be running from one place to another. Once in a while, sit down and read a great book. Or just have a soak in the bath. Anything that gives you a little pleasure through the stresses of daily life will be worth it.

Exercise, You’ll Feel Energetic

Finally, exercise is a great way of working off the stress building up in your life. If you are constantly feeling stressed, with a little morning run you can leave it behind you on the road. Or, you can let it out your body with a few minutes of yoga. After exercising your body is filled with endorphins. These stimulate the mind and can help you tackle some of the greatest problems that you might be facing in life. You’ll feel stronger too, and that’s exactly what you need. You want to feel like you can climb mountains. If that happens, you’ll find no trouble juggling all the different aspects of your life and still feeling great at the end of the day.

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5 Baby Shower Gifts Sure To Please


When you get invited to a baby shower, the first thing you do is check the store where the mother is registered to see what kinds of gifts she wants. If you get your invitation late or put off gift buying until the last minute, then that list of gifts might already be filled in. Instead of treating this situation as a disaster, you should consider it an opportunity to get the new mother or her baby a gift that they will never forget.

Sports Apparel

If you know the mother-to-be well enough to know whether or not she is a sports fan, then you should take advantage of the opportunity to get the baby something to show off the family’s sports allegiance. NFL onesies or NHL baby hats make excellent gifts and you may even see that your gift is the one the baby is wearing when they leave the hospital to come home.

Baby Care Package

A mother-to-be will ask for novelty items on her baby registry list, but that does not mean that she would not appreciate a practical gift. A box filled with diapers, wipes, pacifiers and baby towels is a practical gift that has everything a new mother would need to keep her baby happy and healthy early in life.

Framed Baby Shower Invite

After the baby is born, the memories of the baby shower could fade forever. But you can remind the mother-to-be about that special day she spent celebrating the coming birth of her child by putting the baby shower invite in a decorative frame. This is an ideal gift that could find its way onto the wall of the baby’s nursery to remind the new mother of the day her friends helped her celebrate her new baby.

Gift Cards

For holidays and birthdays, most people try to avoid giving gift cards because they can seem impersonal. But a new mother knows that a major wave of expenses is on the way and gift cards are an excellent way to handle those expenses quickly.

Babysitting Coupon

People say they would love to help watch the baby, but that changes after the baby is born. You can give the new mother peace of mind by offering your promise to babysit in writing and giving her the chance to have an evening off.

Baby shower gifts can be difficult, especially when the gift registry is already full. But if you get creative, you can come up with gifts the mother and the baby will appreciate.

How to deal with sleepless nights

If you have a troublesome toddler who’s finding it difficult to sleep, then there’s a very strong chance that you won’t be the only mother who has to deal with this situation. If you think that the problems relating to being a mother end once pregnancy has finished, then you could be wrong, especially if, once your child reaches the stage of being a toddler, they start to become cranky.

Getting your child to sleep at night at an early age, although it does have its pitfalls, is usually pretty easy, as it comes naturally to them. However, when trying to get an 18-24 month old child to take a nap during the daytime, that’s when the problems start. When you try to get them to go to sleep, they often resist, which can make coping with this problem every bit as irritating as some of the signs of pregnancy you endured before they were born.

For those of you who have struggled to deal with a toddler who can’t and won’t take a nap during the day or night time, there are a few things which you can do to help both yourself and your child get some much-needed rest. You could offer your child an incentive to go to bed by rewarding them with a small toy if they go to sleep for a certain number of times. If they refuse, then tell them they won’t get their reward.

Another way of getting them to sleep is to read them a bedtime story. If they like, they’ll feel content, and will sleep better than they had done before. Meanwhile, during the day, if they need a nap, try to identify the best time for them to have one. In most cases, the early afternoon is ideal, especially if they’ve just eaten lunch. This tactic has a good chance of working, and if it does go well, you’re free to enjoy some respite from them.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Sean is definitely growing fast. He started walking last January 14 and after that it was walking all day for him around the house. When I put his baby progam on dvd, he is so concentrated. He sits there for like 30 mins!

Sean intently watching his English Time program

 He is now capable of mimicking what I do. I was folding the laundry while he was crawling around a couple of month ago. When he looked at me, I hid my face behind a pillowcase and played peek a boo with him. He loves this game.  He then came closer an picked his father’s shirt and hid his face behind it. That’s so cute!!

And then the other day, I was trying to make him laugh so I twirled and twirledd. He likes that and makes him giggle. Later in the afternoon, while he was walking around the living room he started to twirl too!! He is quite a cute monkey if you ask me. Although it’s cute when he tries to copy me, I should start being conscious of what I do because he will copy everything he sees now.


Sean is officially walking!

January 14 is the day Sean started walking! And now four days later he’s been inspecting the whole house everyday :D.

Sean’s 1st Birthday Party

Sean’s 1st birthday party was a success! And like I said I still cannot get over it…one month later!

Being the obsessive party planner that I am..I have already started organizing this when Sean just turned 6 months. Well I asked hubby first if we can go and celebrate it in Manila so that friends and family can meet Sean. When I got the go ahead I started planning like crazy. I first thought of Peter Pan birthday theme but I couldn’t find a  nice costume so I decided to go with Toy Story theme because it’s more flexible in terms of the costume.

The party was held at The Legend Villas Hotel in Manila . I chose this venue because we wanted a very accessible area since we have lots of errands to do after the party. To be honest, I think I paid too much for what I got but I’ll tell you about it in detail in another post.

It was fun fun fun!! We had about 70 close family and friends (including the kids) on the party. It was so nice to see them so excited and happy to finally meet Sean.

Sean was not in the best mood in the beginning actually because he just woke up and it was a bit overwhelming for him to see so many people in one room plus the music was really loud so I asked the sounds people to put it a bit lower. He warmed up a little later and started smiling.

Anyhow, he wore this cute Woody costume his godmother Ana from Germany sent him. He looked adorable in it 🙂




Specia thanks to Mye of  for designing the lay out for the photobooth.

I can’t thank our friends and family enough for celebrating with us and being such beautiful parts of our life, especially Sean’s. He’s a lucky boy!

  • Venue – Legend Villas
  • Birthday Cake – Project Happiness Bake House
  • Cupcakes – Project Happiness Bake House
  • Magician-  this was also included in the kiddie package of Legend Villas
  • Host – Ayie –  Her services was also included in the package I bought. She didn’t just host the party, she also did a balloon show for the kids.
  • Food/Party Area – The party was held at the Banahaw Hall in Legend Villas.
  • Prizes  Divisoria Mall–10 major prizes was included in the package so I ask my brother to buy some more. I knew that there would be cool items to be found in Divisoria, it’s just a pity I had to delegate it to my brother as I would have enjoyed shopping for the prizes myself 🙂

Special thanks to Firefly Toothbrush, Guard Insect Repellent for sponsoring some of the prizes too!!