Is IVF Right For You?


Having children is one of the most priceless gifts couples could have and couples who are experiencing difficulties receiving these gifts would understandably be all too willing to give every option on the table a chance.  One of the most popular options is IVF or in vitro fertilization – the option I chose to take in my journey to motherhood.  It is one of the safest, most affordable, and widely accepted assisted reproductive procedures all over the world.  IVF, however, is not for everyone. Successful pregnancy and consequently live birth through IVF involves a host of factors that you should take into consideration before you make your decision.

The process of IVF is highly demanding both financially and physically.  IVF cost in Singapore would come up to about SGD18,000 or nearly $13,000 for one cycle alone.  You have to be ready to shoulder the IVF cost of several cycles given that studies suggest an average of three to six cycles of IVF treatment before successful pregnancy is achieved.  Once you have the cost considerations settled, you have to weigh your physical considerations.  To start with, IVF could be a good option for you if you are younger than 35 years old – an average success rate of 50% is observed in clinical studies of IVF procedures in subjects within this age range.  The duration of fertility issues as well as other issues concerning your ovarian function would also influence the success rate of your IVF procedure.

Finally, as the IVF cost is not cheap, you want to make sure that are indeed ready to go through what the procedure requires and that you will be able to complete your IVF cycles until you successfully conceive.  In previous posts, I have broken down the IVF cost for you and somehow let you in on what I had to go through in my journey to motherhood.  Now, to help you determine whether you are ready for an IVF procedure or not, here’s a quick look at how IVF is done:

1. After the necessary medical checks, your doctor will start you on hormonal medication to stimulate your ovaries for egg production.  This was quite a challenge for me since I am afraid of needles.  You will have to inject this medication yourself or with the help of your partner at home at the same time everyday until the follicles are ready as determined by a laboratory scan.

2.It’s back to the hospital again to have your eggs retrieved either through a needle inserted through your vagina or a laparoscopic operation.  Don’t worry, you will be sedated during the procedure and will not feel a thing. Your eggs will then be combined with your partner’s sperm in a laboratory dish to start the process of in vitro fertilization.

3.And Once fertilization is achieved, usually after a few days, the embryo is placed into your uterus through the cervix with the aid of a catheter.  It takes a two week wait, on bed rest combined with hormonal treatment, in order to determine whether the embryo has successfully latched on to the uterine wall and the pregnancy is confirmed.

A little bit pregnant…

Hey peeps! I hope that even though I have some really good guest posters the last couple of day, that you have missed me even if just a little bit too 🙂

My embryo transfer went pretty well according to my doctor. After the 15 minute procedure, I had to lie on bed for the next four hours. And then the next couple of days, I have restricted activities as well. I only got up to pee, bathe or eat. It was pretty tiring not to be able to do anything so once in awhile I would still go online to chat with my Marces:  Peh, Kaye and Fedhz . Beside from my hubby, they are the ones who kept me sane during this waiting time.

After being home bound for 8 days, I decided it’s okay for me to go out last Sunday. I mean the embryo should have implanted by 8 days I thought and besides I have been feeling a little bit pregnant the last couple of day already.

So what have I been feeling, you might ask…well I have been more often hungry but then again maybe that is because of watching too much Asian Food Channel or Discovery Travel & Living Channel 😀 but seriously my boobies especially my nipples have been feeling tender for days.

I am already saying to myself, you’re pregnant girlie, you’re pregnant!!!!! But I also didn’t want to get to excited. My hubby have been asking me how am I feeling, or do I see any changes so I told him the changes I have noticed. He also thought that my breasts looks different. I was thinking of doing a home pregnancy test on Saturday but I resisted as I didn’t want to feel down.

So Sunday we went to watch How to train your dragon. Wonderful movie!When we arrived back home, I couldn’t wait any longer and took the test. When I felt like peeing, I went and peed on the stick and was so happy to see the two lines!! Now that was really exciting but I still tried not to be overly excited as it could be a false positive. I guess after being hurt so much the last time I got pregnant, I have became more cautious. So I waited for Tuesday for the real test.

Tuesday, I woke up really early, earlier than usual. We went to the clinic and let them take my blood. I am so excited…just a couple of hours and we will know for sure if I am really pregnant at 2:30 pm the receptionist called and congratulated me.

I am ecstatic! She asked me to come back and see the doctor. I went and got some medicines to help me support this pregnancy. I hope all works out. Now what I am hoping is that my baby continues to develop.

I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who sent me their positive vibes, prayers and well wishes and especially to the Marce Club who have helped me keep the blog active during my bedrest.

10 days delayed …

I have never had this before. Well since I have started keeping track of my period at least, which was 2 years ago. Before that I didn’t really knew what cycle I  have. The normal cycle is 28 days. But when I started keeping track of mine, I found out I was more of a 30 – 31 days type.

I was anxious to get my period this month since I wanted to have another embryo transfer…but it hasn’t come up to now. It is unnerving! I checked the net for some answers, they say:  stress, being overweight,medications could result to delay in menstrual cycle. I don’t think I am overweight nor am I taking any medications except for the folic acid and vitamin. Stress – I don’t know if I am stressed. I mean could waiting for my period be stressful for me?

Part of me is hoping for a small miracle, that I am pregnant but another part of me is saying don’t count on it too much. To end my burden, we decided to get a home pregnancy test to see what the deal is…it was negative.

I finally decided to email my doctor this morning and ask him if it’s normal to be so late. He replied that I shouldn’t worry about it. There could be two reasons, it’s either it’s just late or I am not ovulating.

I hope it’s just late.

My IVF Journey – Cost of the IVF Treatment in Singapore

I get a lot of emails asking me how much IVF cost  in Singapore so I decided to post it here for everybody’s convenience. I am posting all the cost for 1 cycle assuming you have the sperm already. All prices here are in Singapore dollars with a US dollar conversion on the right.

Note: The cost of the medicines could vary from case to case.

Consultation Fees: 150 + 60 +60+60 +60+60 + 60 = 510 ( USD 365 )

Lab tests: 120 + 75 + 170 +75 + 82 = 522 ( USD 373 )

Ovulation Medicine: 260 + 830 + 830 +399  +694 = 3,013 ( USD 2,155 )

Doctor’s Fee: 1,070 + 430 (egg retrieval) + 750 ( Embryo Transfer) = 2,250 ( USD 1,610 )

Hospital Charges: 7,703 (egg retrieval)  1,754 (Embryo Transfer) = 9,457 ( USD 6,765 )

Freezing of Embryo: 600 ( USD 430 )

1 Year Embryo/ Egg Storage Fee: 200 ( USD 142 )

Pregnancy support medicine: 942 +376 +51 +120 = 1,489 ( USD 1,065 )


Total Cost for 1 Cycle : SGD 18,050 or ( USD 12,910 )

If you plan to do IVF  in Singapore you should know that one cycle takes about 6 weeks starting from taking the medication. I suggest you contact several clinics you want to visit and ask them everything you need to know as early as 2 months before your planned IVF cycle.

It’s Negative

We went early to the clinic to do the blood test. I waited relentlessly for the call and when I got it, it’s not what I wanted to hear.” I’m sorry to say but it’s negative.” said my doctor’s assistant.

It’s a very sad day. It’s so frustrating thinking about what went wrong.  I thought to myself I got pregnant the first try so I should be able to get pregnant again on the second try especially that now we have placed 1 extra embryo than the last time.

It’s cruel because I won’t get answers from my doctor personally till we see each other again in a few weeks. I shed a few tears after the call.

We don’t know yet exactly what’s next if we are going to do another try with a different doctor here or do it in Manila where we will be moving soon or start looking into adoption.

Will Try to Conceive (TTC) again

After my missed miscariage, I anxiosly wated fo my period to come. My period started (and so I thought) after less than 4 weeks. I got some blood spotting and it lasted for about a week. I thought that it was my period already but then I got again my period after four days. This time it lasted for one week and 5 days. This has been the weirdest period I have ever had. It was not as heavy as I would normally get.

I hope that my next period normalize. My doctor said that I need to get atleast 3 normal periods before we can consider the Embryo Transfer again. He told me to visit the clinic when I get my 2nd period, to check (I guess) if my body is already getting back to normal.

So I am guessing we would do it again in November – if all works out.

It's Official! MommaWannabe is knocked up!

I just cannot contain my happiness! It’s Positive!!!! I found out on July 14, 2009 that it all went well.


MommaWannabe has officially a bun in the oven!!! Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers!!! I love you all!!!

What to do when you have to bed rest ?

Part I – My IVF Journey – The Beginning
Part II – My IVF Journey – Egg Retrieval

I was home bound for two weeks as you all know. It was boring to stay all day everyday at home. I thought to myself, “ Now I know how it is to be on house arrest.

Some of the things you can do too if you are on house arrest, I mean on a bed rest :

1. You can do some interior design planning or if you are expecting a baby you can plan for his/her room already.

2. You can also busy yourself in organizing photo albums.

3. You might have bought books you still have not found time to read yet, so this is a great opportunity to catch up on your reading.

Just take it easy!