Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Parenthood

Bringing Baby Home: Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Parenthood

You will never carry a more precious cargo on board your car than when you need to collect your new bundle of joy and come home as proud parents ready to start an exciting new life.

There are so many things to try and remember with a new baby and no end of accessories that you need to have ready for when your parenting journey begins, and getting your vehicle ready for parenthood is definitely on that list.

Here are some pointers on what you need to do in order to get your vehicle prepared for transporting your child in comfort and safety.


Choosing the right car seat

If you are buying a new vehicle from someone like Adrian Brien Ford you will want to ask about the safety features that your car comes with and how it is intended to provide protection to you and your passengers in the event of a collision.

In addition to choosing a model that gives you a host of enhanced safety and security features, you will also want to take your time choosing a car seat that offers your baby the perfect combination of safety and comfort.

Rear-facing car seats have been shown to offer your baby the sort of protection they need if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in any sort of accident while they are on board and the aim should be to try and find the best quality seat that your budget will allow.

You might decide to choose a rear-facing seat that can be secured with a seat belt or one that is also secured using lower anchors. Ask your car dealer or check the owner’s manual for more information on how to use the pre-fitted vehicle hardware properly.

If you are unsure in any way about securing the car seat it is always best to get a professional to install it rather than leave anything to chance that you have not secured the seat correctly.


Get to know your locking system

Child-proof locks on the rear doors are useful when they get older but while they are babies and strapped in, your main concern when it comes to locking features is to ensure that you don’t mistakenly create a nightmare scenario where you risk locking the baby in the car.

This can happen if your car has a keyless entry device. That moment between strapping them in and then exiting the car to take your seat in the front might be enough time for the automated locking system to activate and create a situation where you are stranded outside.

Make sure you know exactly how your locking system works and be mindful of this safety feature if you leave the car for a few moments and your keys end up on the inside along with the baby.


Protect them from the sun

A simple but effective preventative measure to keep your baby safe and happy is to have some sun shades fitted.

Babies won’t know how to avoid the glare of the sunlight coming in and they will soon get uncomfortable, so keep them protected and invest in a couple of sun shades for the rear windows.

Make the most of the technology and safety features available in your car and use them to keep you and your precious cargo safe at all times.

Round Two: Pregnant With Your Second Baby? Here’s What You Need To Know

Second Baby

Planning for a second baby

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Ok you have survived the labour and got through the sleepless nights, nappy changes are a breeze and you finally feel human again.  So, by choice or by chance you find yourself ready to take it all on again!


If you are thinking about baby number two then remember all the great rules you learnt from baby number one and throw them out the window! Unfortunately no two pregnancies are the same and just when you think you’ve got it nailed, you’ll realise you haven’t got a clue.  Don’t worry though, you were in the same boat with round one!


Don’t take it for granted that getting pregnant the second time round is going to be simple.  Changes can happen to our bodies at any point and this can make conception tougher or, if you are lucky, easier.  If you are really ready and having no luck then consider making an appointment with a fertility clinic.  The sooner you get a plan together the better.  Go through all your options and remember, you have done it before.  Patience and time are the key.


If you already are expecting then you may have noticed morning sickness earlier than with your first.  Some doctors suggest this is because our body notices the subtle changes more after the first pregnancy, perhaps you just understand your body more.  There are lots of gentle differences between the first trimester of your second and first pregnancy including the sensation of baby moving at a much earlier stage.  Just tiny butterflies tickling around.  You may have mistaken them for trapped wind or a nervous stomach in your first, but this time you know what they are.  It’s a great feeling and gives you more time to interact and bond with your unborn baby.


If you have a toddler at home then you will be a lot more tired during the first two trimesters.  Finding a moment to take naps in the day or sleep through the night can seem impossible but it is vital to ensure the health of you and baby.  Try to get as much help as you need to keep you healthy and get your body ready for labour.


You will notice some major differences in the final trimester.  Fake contractions can be more noticeable and, more painful.  Your cervix may also give you more signs it is beginning to get ready.  You need to stay active if you can and not let these changes catch you out.  Due to the muscles stretching and then contracting so much after your first birth, they have become stronger and as such may produce a higher level of discomfort whilst getting prepared for the next job.  Go with it, invest in a tens device or take lots of warm baths.  Try to move around as much as you can to keep your muscles from cramping up and make it easier for your baby to get into position.


You will notice that you feel a little more confident about giving birth, whilst you may have worries you also have the reassurance that you got through it before and you can again.  Make a list of things you noticed in your first labour, what helped, what didn’t and then use those in your new birthing plan.  Just bare in mind this isn’t the same set of circumstances.  We can have longer to prepare with labour one.  Labour two can sometimes be much quicker.  


After labour you will also notice changes to your general feeling.  Recovery time may be much quicker than the first however you can also be more aware of your body tightening up again.  You may find this uncomfortable and you should talk to your midwife about additional help for pain.  Back at home you need to remember that lifting and playing with your toddler may need to be put on hold for a week or two until your body has fully recovered and be aware of the baby blues.  Hormones seem stronger the second time round and a few days after your get back you may feel a huge rush of anxiety, fear or relief.  Prepare for tears and accept it is all part of the incredible process.


Most of all, enjoy this pregnancy with a confidence you didn’t have in the last.  You are an expert now and you’ve heard all the horror stories before and seen that they don’t hold much value.  Then get ready, two children is a whole different ball game! Keep your wits about you!!

Pregnancy and Child Birth – Her Wisdom, Her Work

Child birth – it’s like an involuntary process – like breathing. But, today a woman is constantly drilled with constant counseling and millions of instructions about child birth that created dark and perilous clouds of fear in her mind.


“Do this for your baby” or “Don’t eat this” . She in fact ends up listening to everyone – fearing about all the consequence – right from the authority figures, from the medical experts, from the machines and the lab tests. The only thing which is not told to, is to listen to her own body, her inner wisdom and her natural instinct as a woman and a mother.

Pregnancy and motherhood is not just a medical event

With pregnancy and child birth a woman redefines her whole being. She will remain herself – and yet she will change kith and kin– her body type, bones, the muscles and their tones, the hormones surging within, the blood flowing through her veins, her emotional and mental state and every single cell in her body. Every thing, literally changes.

Respect her choices during pregnancy. It’s her fundamental human right.

It’s completely a mother’s choice to decide in which environment she should be. She should be able to trust herself and her surroundings. Isn’t it a fundamental human right of the pregnant woman to be respected as the decision maker for her own care and her baby’s care?

Instead st times, the health cares and nursing homes treats a pregnant women like patients, subjecting them to interventions, procedures and check-ups without their informed consent. Many, many women come out of such experiences feeling violated, abused and traumatized. But, often keep their mouth shut either out of fear or out of ignorance.

All women around the world should know their rights during pregnancy and child birth. At at day’s end, she should be happy.

Stressing out during the first pregnancy effect badly both the child’s and baby’s health. She should always take a few minutes a day to relax her body and mind. She could probably read a magazine or meditate. You could also try playing a few online games such as poker or bingo games —they are quite of stress busters!

Fertility Boosting Tips: How To Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving Naturally

Many of us go through life with an assumption that we’ll find love, settle down, and have a baby. But life isn’t always so simple. It can take time to fall pregnant, and sometimes, it’s not possible to conceive naturally. If you’ve decided you’re ready for a baby, or you’ve already started trying, here are some fertility boosting tips.

pregnant woman

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Lifestyle choices

You’re more likely to conceive naturally if you and your partner are fit and healthy. If you’ve decided you’d like to expand your family, now is the time to get in shape and focus on your health. If you’re overweight or obese, this can reduce fertility. Smoking and drinking excessively can also affect your chances of conceiving a baby. If your BMI is too high, take steps to reduce it. Stick to a healthy eating plan, and increase the amount of exercise you do. Avoid fatty, sugary foods, and use an app or a food diary to monitor your calorie intake. If you’re trying to cut down on drinking, pour smaller measures and switch up your social activities. Swap nights out at a bar for a trip to the movies or a date at a restaurant. Quitting smoking is tough. But it will provide you with important health benefits, including improved fertility. If you do fall pregnant, giving up will also be incredibly beneficial for your baby.

Stress can also have a negative impact on fertility. Sometimes, when it’s taking a little longer than you’d hoped to conceive, you can put pressure on yourselves. Try to relax, and stay calm. This is easier said than done. But so many couples enjoy success when they stop panicking and let nature take its course.


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Fertility tracking

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, it may boil down to not having intercourse frequently enough, or having sex at the wrong time. Fertility tracking enables you to identify your most fertile days. At this point, your chances of conceiving are highest. Using an ovulation calendar can increase your chances significantly. All you need is the date of your last period.


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Seek advice

If you’re having troubles, don’t plod on with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Seek advice from your doctor. Most doctors recommend getting help if you’ve been trying for a year without success. Just because you haven’t had any joy in that 12-month period doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have children. Sometimes, these things take a little longer than expected. When you see your doctor, they will carry out tests to determine if there is an underlying cause, which may be affecting your fertility. If there is, this will be treated as a priority. If there is no obvious problem, it may be a case of trying for longer. If there are problems, which can’t be remedied, you don’t have to give up your dreams of parenthood. There are other options out there. Fertility treatments, such as IVF and medication may be recommended. You could also consider surrogacy or adoption.


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Many of us hope to conceive naturally without any problems at all. But sadly, this is not always possible. Use these tips to boost our chances of conceiving naturally. If you don’t have any luck, seek advice from your doctor. There may be treatments out there than can help. Good luck!

The Challenges of Pregnancy You’ll Need to Know About

Pregnancy is challenging for everyone; there are lots of things to take care of and worry about. If you have never been pregnant before, it can all seem a little daunting. But don’t worry, it probably won’t be half as bad as you imagine.


But what are the most challenging aspects of being pregnant? If you want to find out, read on. It’s always best to be aware of these challenges ahead of time if you want to be as prepared as you can be.

Staying Active

It’s even more important than usual to stay active when you’re pregnant. It helps to keep your weight under control; it improves your circulation, and it can make it easier for you to sleep at night. These things are all important. Doing some light jogging is a good idea. Or even simply walking a little each day is very positive for your health, body and baby.

It’s something that you should keep up from the start to the finish of your pregnancy. But make sure you discuss the exercise you want to do with your doctor beforehand. They will be able to give you tips and point you in the right direction. Obviously, it becomes a little more difficult to find the time to exercise after the baby is born.

Pregnancy excercise










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Eating Healthily

We all know that cravings for weird and wonderful foods are a big part of pregnancy. And the temptation is to throw healthy eating out of the window and focus on what you want to eat. That’s not the best way to go about it though. Sure, you can eat the foods you crave in moderation. But your main focus should be on eating healthy food. It will help you and the baby.

The other thing to remember is that the idea of eating for two is a complete myth. You don’t have to eat more than you usually do just because you are pregnant. Eating the same amount of food as usual is fine, and it won’t be bad for your baby. Many people eat too much because they think they need to, but that’s not the case.


Dealing with Mood Swings

Being pregnant is like being on an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you’ll feel alive and no top of the world, and other times you won’t want to get up off the sofa. The extent of the mood swings will depend on the individual. Everyone experiences these kinds of things differently. But most people find that pregnancy has some form of impact on their emotions.

It’s all about the change of hormones in your body. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to change this, as much as you might want to. It’s just a case of enjoying the good times and doing what you can to move through the times when you’re feeling down. Indulging in some of those foods you crave might help you through your lowest moments as well.

Travel Logistics

Getting around suddenly becomes a lot more difficult when you’re pregnant. For example, some expectant mothers simply don’t like the idea of driving when they’re pregnant. But the alternative of using public transport is pretty unappealing too. Therefore, getting from A to B becomes a struggle in a way that it never was before.

The ideal solution to this problem is to get your partner to become your own personal chauffeur. You should be able to pressure them into doing this for you if you get your approach right. You’re the one doing the hard work, so it’s only fair that they do what they can to help you out in any way they can. And if you are going to fly, make sure you let the airline know beforehand. You will also need to talk to your doctor before flying. Visit to find out more about this.

Pregnant momma

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Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping the right number of hours during your pregnancy is very important. You should be getting seven to nine hours each night. This will help you to stay healthy for the length of the pregnancy. If you don’t manage to get a good night’s sleep, you will find getting through each day becomes even more of a struggle. And that’s not what you want.

You should think about ways in which you can improve how well you sleep. For example, a new mattress might help you to sleep a little better. And you can exercise in the afternoon and avoid caffeine to make you fall asleep more quickly when you climb into bed. You can read more at

Learning Everything You Need to Know

Educating yourself is something many women choose to do. There are a million and one books that tell you everything you could ever want to know about pregnancy, babies and motherhood. Reading these things can help you in some ways. But you probably shouldn’t put too much importance on them because most of them only exist to make money.

An alternative to this is simply talking to your doctor and midwife about the challenges you will face as a parent. They will be able to give you the advice that you really need. And they will give it to you in a much more concise way than a pile of books ever could. Sometimes, asking questions and getting answers from someone who really knows is the best option.

Foot Problems

When you’re pregnant, you will probably face problems with your feet at one time or another. Getting pregnant means getting heavier in a relatively short period of time. This acts as a shock to your body, and you probably won’t be able to carry the weight very easily to begin with. It is something you will get used to, but it does take its toll on your feet.

The best thing you can do to combat these foot problems is change your footwear options. The high heels will have to go. Replace them with shoes that are as comfortable as possible. They should also support your body weight correctly at all times. It might even be necessary to buy a slightly larger size than you currently wear.

Maintaining Your Career

Juggling the pregnancy and your career is always difficult. Many women feel that they shouldn’t have to choose between one and the other. And that’s absolutely true. But it is important not to overestimate what you’re capable of. If you’re struggling to maintain your old work schedule, discuss things with your boss.

The action you take might not have to be as drastic as quitting your job. But a small reduction in work hours might be able to help you get that balance between work and life just right. There are lots of pressure and stresses you will face when pregnant. And you don’t want your job piling on even more of those kinds of pressures.


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Staying Calm

Simply staying calm and in control of the situation is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. Becoming a parent is a massive life change, there’s no doubt about that. Your life is never going to be the same again, but that doesn’t mean you have to panic. It’s important to stay calm and think things through rationally.

When you feel that you don’t have a handle on the situation, it’s easy to lose your cool. But this doesn’t help anyone. If you are finding it difficult to stay calm and adjust to the changes coming your way, it might be a good idea to speak to a counsellor or someone in the family. They might be able to help you develop methods to deal with the problems you are having.

Preparing Financially

Raising a child is expensive, and when you’re pregnant, you need to start preparing for this. You will already start incurring big costs. For example, you will be buying the cot, decorating the spare room for the baby and buying its first clothes for it. These things all cost money, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as spending goes. As the years pass by, you will have to spend even more money.

You also need to think about how you are going to pay for all the other things when the baby arrives. It helps to get your finances in order as quickly as you can. This can be a challenge, but it’s one of those things that just has to be done. If you have your finances in order, you will be able to see how much you can afford to spend on each item that needs to be bought.

Now that you know all you need to know about the challenges that you will face, you can start to prepare for them. And don’t forget to enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can. Being pregnant might seem difficult, but there are plenty of positive aspects as well. Plus it will all be worth it when the baby arrives.

Christmas Thoughts

How are you guys? I have been kinda busy with work. I have two jobs now. I am really working hard so I can pay off my credit card bill. Once I have paid that, I can then think about having a vacation to the Philippines so I can see my babies.

I miss my grandson, my daughter and my son especially now that the holidays are just a few days away. I wish I can be there with them. I know that my grandson is very excited for Christmas. I so want to buy him the exceptional kremona guitars I saw at the mall yesterday but it would be very difficult to ship it to him as it might get lost in the mail or break.

How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry

After a long day’s work, all you can dream about is a long, hot soak in your bathtub.  But with kids quarreling just outside your bathroom door, that dream may just very well drown itself in those bathtub bubbles.

Brothers and sisters fight over many things.  To us parents, it’s petty, but to them, they’re just about ready to use some wrestling mat tape to prepare for a serious wrestling match.  So, what can we do to handle fighting siblings?

Losing your temper and yelling will not to anybody any good.  When you feel you’re about to lose it, ever so calmly take away whatever item is causing the fight, and send the kids in two separate rooms.  This will be a good time out opportunity for you as well.

After you’ve all calmed down, try to talk to them and ask them what the real problem is.  If the kids can’t give you an answer, tell them to stay away from each other for the rest of the day.

The best way to deal with sibling rivalry is by staying cool as you try to look for the reason behind the fight.

My Little Drummer Boy

This early on, I’m seriously thinking about getting a couple of earplugs.  I’d want to protect my ears from the deafening sound of my son’s drum playing.  I have no talent in telling the future, yet I have a strong feeling that my son is going to grow up to be a professional drum player.

I’ve started scouring both the malls and the internet for a good set of drums for my future Tommy Lee of a son.  I found this set of Mapex drumkits which I’m sure he’ll love when the time comes.

Whatever his heart desires, of course I will be there to support him- as long as I have earplugs!