Bed and Bath Pamper Sets for Moms on Mother’s Day

Moms are some of the most hardworking people in the world. And for the busiest mom, rest and relaxation at the end of the day are treasured moments. This coming Mother’s Day reward your moms with something that will allow them to enjoy their rest every day. Bed and Bath pamper sets for moms would be a great gift idea for this occasion.

Busy mom’s often get their rest when everyone and everything in the house is settled for the night. You can help your mom make the most of their nightly rest by giving her tools for a nice warm bath. This means coming up with bed and bath pamper sets for moms that  includes everything she needs to enjoy the shower or the tub.

Bath time will not be complete without a nice warm towel to dry your body. So, let your mom enjoy the luxurious softness of a Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towel Set. These towels are made from 42% viscose from bamboo and 58% Turkish combed cotton. Aside from the nice luxurious feel, moms will also appreciate its highly absorbent and odor resistant features. This set of bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth are also stylishly designed that it will look good in your bathroom. They are worthy additions to your bed and bath pamper sets for moms on Mother’s Day.

Bamboo towels

Cariloha Towels

Finally, it is time for bed. Treat your mom to the ultra-soft sateen finish of Cariloha Bamboo Resort Bed Sheets that are perfect for sleep. These sheets are made from 100% viscose bamboo that spells luxurious comfort and durability. They can feel so good that moms may feel challenged to get up from bed in the morning. Given this, it is likely that your mom would appreciate this set of one flat sheet, two pillow cases, and one fitted sheet.

Most people have been pampered by their moms at some point in their lives. Now, it is their time to be pampered. Bed and Bath Pamper Sets for moms are great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. They can be the best gifts that you can give if they are coupled with your love and attention.

Perfect Fit with Barefoot Technology

Ill-fitting footwear can cause blisters, bunions, and soreness in your child’s feet. It can also restrict the child’s movement and affect their balance. As such, comfort and efficiency should be the primary criteria in choosing shoes for children. I often look for shoes with breathable fabric, heel support and cushioning. These are features that spell comfort for your feet. That was before I heard about barefoot technology from vivobarefoot shoes.

VivoBarefoot for Kids

The best way to experience movement without any restriction is to go barefoot. Unfortunately, walking barefoot exposes your feet to scrapes, stubs, and germs. But, these are no longer concerns with barefoot technology. Vivobarefoot shoes are designed to promote natural movement of the feet. It allows the body to use its natural attributes for motion control, shock absorption, and sensory feedback. With no artificial cushions and support, the child’s feet is able to develop naturally and become stronger in the long run. Shoes with barefoot technology also allows you to navigate in different terrains. This makes them a good option for active kids.


Everything about barefoot technology appealed to me so I got a pair for my son. I found some nice looking school shoes and rain boots at My final choice was the Lenni Shoes in orange and navy. It is made from lightweight and flexible materials to ensure comfort and efficiency. I like the stylish look and color combination of the shoes. The adjustable hook and loop strap is another plus for me. I feel that straps are safer for kids because it minimizes the risk of tripping. The final verdict for barefoot technology lies in my son’s feedback.

I had no trouble convincing my son to try his new shoes. The colors appealed to him and it was really lightweight. He felt comfortable in it and did not seem to mind wearing it the whole day. We tried the shoes for outdoor activities and it worked well too. The Lenni Shoes from vivobarefoot meets our comfort and efficiency requirement. It is also good to know that these shoes help develop stronger feet and promote better movement. Considering all these, it seems that barefoot technology is a perfect fit for us.

If you are still looking for back to school shoes, check out VivoBarefoot 

Chop-Chop Away for Healthier and Fuss-Free Gourmet Home Cooking

perfect chop

The importance of preparing your family’s meals right in your own kitchen cannot be underscored enough. It is in your kitchen that food that nourishes the body is prepared. It is but right for you to exert extra effort in making sure that your kitchen is properly planned and fitted with the right fixtures. Aside from proper space planning, you also have to make sure that the cooking tools and equipment that you have will allow you to prepare nothing but the best meals for your family.

One important piece of cooking tool is your chopping board. You might think that all chopping boards are the same unassuming block of plastic or wood. You would be surprised at the innovative features in the PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board. I got to try it out for myself and I am amazed at how much easier whipping up meals turned out to be with the help of this new kitchen prep helper.

Chopping and prepping up food is always the messiest and fussiest part of cooking. This is, in fact, the reason why some people do not like to cook. With the PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board, I found that I do not have to do much swabbing and wiping of my countertop. This cutting board is designed with a microtexture feature that lets juices from the food that you are chopping drain into a basin. Slipping and sliding is also not a problem with this chopping board because it has a non-slip base. This cutting board is made of high-density material that is hygienic. It stays bacteria free and odor free through time. The board is also reversible so you can actually use both sides. The product description says that it won’t dull knives. Since I haven’t had my PerfectChop for long, I couldn’t yet really say if this is true.

I like the feel of using my PerfectChop Stay-Clean Cutting Board. I especially love the fact that I can save the juices from cooked meat or fruits and vegetables that I put on my chopping board. My sauces and gravies are extra flavorful because I am able to save these drippings. It is no wonder that even professionals have great things to say about this product.

I’m glad that KitchenAdvance came up with this innovative chopping board. Now, I look forward to spending time in the kitchen conveniently preparing nutritious gourmet meals for my family. Who’d want to eat out when there’s perfectly prepared and cooked food right on your dinner table?

A Different Kind of Entertainment from Apple TV

In the days of my youth, home entertainment simply meant listening to the latest afternoon drama series on the radio or watching reruns on bulky televisions with often blurry signals.  Once we’ve listened to the dramas or seen the movies for the nth time, we’d rather be out with friends and hang out in the local plaza than be stuck at home.
 apple tv staples
With advancements in technology, there are plenty of reasons for me to stay home these days.  I don’t have to go out of the house to get my fill of entertainment.  Now I’ve got an Apple TV courtesy of Staples Canada to keep me out of boredom.  I’m really quite content with what my Apple TV dishes out.  Lest you wag a finger at me for being a couch potato, let me assure you that this momma still gets to shake her booty to get some exercise.  However, I do deserve some time on the couch with my favorite shows.  And my Apple TV gives me more than just the regular TV viewing experience, all in 1080p HD.
Now on its 3rd Generation version, this nifty entertainment gadget from Apple allows home viewers to get access to the best HD content through AirPlay, HD movie streaming, and  commercial-free HD TV.  It also gives access to Netflix, Hulu+, and social video and photo sharing sites like YouTube and Flickr.  My eyes don’t have to squint anymore as I can watch my iPad content from my widescreen TV instead of from my 10-inch tablet screen.


It’s easy enough to set up all the connections, which makes it convenient even for people with no technical background.  You don’t have to call in the cable guy or any other AV professional to get your entertainment gadget to work.  You simply have to connect a single HDMI cable from the Apple TV box to your widescreen TV.  You also need an 802.11n wi-fi connection to stream your content to your Apple TV box and TV.  This sounds complicated to someone my age – though I think my grandson can already figure this out at his tender age – but, I’m proud to say, that I’ve managed to set it up without hitches.
With my Apple TV, I’m able to rent HD movies at Netflix without having to go out.  I can even buy commercial-free HD TV shows which is a great way to catch up with all my favorite TV series.  With its online access, I can also watch YouTube and Vimeo videos, browse through my kids and grandkids’ Flickr photos, and even listen to radios on the Internet.


Among its many features, the AirPlay is particularly convenient for me as it allows me to beam up my iPad content to my television screen.  Basically, it turns my widescreen into a mirror screen for my gadget.  This way, I get to enjoy magnified images while browsing through my Photo Albums and even my iCloud library.  This works for streaming music from iTunes as well.  This truly makes the Apple TV the ultimate entertainment gadget that provides you an exceptionally enjoyable television viewing experience.

If you would like to purchase an Apple TV for yourself or for a loved one – check it out at Staples Canada

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Practical and Eco-Friendly Comforts for a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is one of the best rewards that hardworking moms can get. Nothing beats the felling of retiring in cool and soft sheets after toiling on the job and taking care of the family’s need. Knowing the value of practical comforts like these can help moms cope better with daily stress. As a creature of comfort, I make sure that my family will have a warm and cozy bed that we can turn-in to every night. Having a nice set of soft sheets around are equally important as well which is why I was so glad that I tried the bed sheets from Cariloha Bamboo Store.

I am very  happy with the softness and texture of the sheets that I decided to get more. Their ultra-soft feature is what makes this awesome! This is even better than the 1000 thread Egyptian cotton sheets that I used to buy. I chose the blue queen sized bamboo bed sheet for our room as the cool blue color sort of reflects the cool feeling you get after moving into the sheets. Aside from the softness, smoothness and coolness of the sheets, users can also benefit from its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. These features make them great options for kid’s bedrooms too. My blue bamboo sheets fit perfectly on my queen size bed. The bed sheets came with equally great pillowcases, so our bamboo bed set has got us covered with comfort from head to toe.
Cool and comfortable sheets from Cariloha are now standard features in our bedrooms. I consider it as a mid-range buy as it is more expensive than the usual cotton bed sheets but more affordable than the luxurious silk or Egyptian threads. It can be considered as a good investment for comfort as you get more quality from the sheets than what you spend for it. Plus, you can also sleep better with the fact that you are helping save the earth by using eco-friendly brands.

Want to get your own Bamboo Products? Visit Cariloha Now


Posylane Towel Wrap Review

 photo posylanelogo_zps8ec941de.jpg

Ever heard of Posy Lane? It  is your one stop shopping for personalized nap mats, shower wraps, backpacks totes, and more…all personalized I might add.  I was very delighted to be able to do a review for them. but making a choice was very difficult, it  literally took me 4 days to decide what I wanted because everything was just so cute and I wanted them all.

 photo towelwrapp_zpsbbbc034c.jpg

I was thinking of getting my grandson a backpack but I heard from my daughter that he already has one of their personalized back pack and personalized nap mat. I was secretly delighted because I really wanted something for myself 😛

They had so many great options, but ultimately I decided on a pretty brown wrap and had my nickname Elle embroidered on the bottom.  Not only were there so many options for towel wraps, but also for the personalization.  You could really play around with the colors and fonts to make it your own.

I am very satisfied with my towel wrap. I highly recommend Posylane if you are in the market for personalized items be it for kids or adults.