Guide to Different Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

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No matter whether you are choosing your engagement ring or you are leaving it in the capable hands of your partner, one thing that needs to be carefully considered is the shape of the diamond you choose. With everything from emerald and princess to heart and pear shaped diamonds, there is a lot to think about. Below, we take a look at the popular shapes in further detail.

ROUND – Let’s begin with the diamond with the biggest sparkle of them all. It is not difficult to see why brands like Verragio incorporate a lot of round diamonds into their engagement ring range. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance and fire, which results in the stunning glisten we have come to associate with diamond rings. For a classic and timeless design that never fails, a round cut is a great choice.

PRINCESS If you want your partner to say yes, presenting them with a princess cut diamond ring is a good place to start. This is essentially the square version of the popular round brilliant. This makes it a perfect choice for those that don’t want to compromise in terms of fire and brilliance, yet they want something more modern and unique.

PEAR – The most feminine cut out of all the diamond shapes, pear diamonds feature a round end and a single point at the top. This is a flattering diamond shape, which elongates the finger.

EMERALD Emerald diamonds have a large, open table, making them a great choice for someone seeking a sophisticated, contemporary, and striking ring. Instead of a sparkle, you get a beautiful hall-of-mirrors effect with an emerald ring. If you are choosing this cut, it is important to choose a high color grading, i.e. between D and F, as emerald diamonds show more warmth.

ASSCHER – Similar to the Emerald cut, the Asscher diamond is the brightest out of all the steep cuts. If you want a classic and elegance diamond ring with lots of brilliance, this is a wise choice. Choose an asscher diamond with a high clarity rating, i.e. no lower than VS2.

RADIANT – A unique and vibrant step cut, with signature trimmed edges and stunning brilliance, the radiant diamond was developed roughly 40 years ago. It’s good for those on a budget, as you can afford to go for a lower clarity rating.

OVAL – Are you a lover of vintage styles? If so, an oval cut may be the right choice for you. This style of diamond can also make the finger appear longer and slimmer. When choosing this type of ring, be mindful that you don’t opt for a diamond with an evident bow tie effect. This can occur in some fancy cut diamonds, including oval, heart, and marquise diamonds.

CUSHION – Cushion diamonds resemble a pillow. This is a rectangle or square diamond with rounded corners. Not only does it look amazing, but it is a practical choice too, as the round edges will not catch clothing.

HEART – This is a diamond ring shape that does not need any explanation. It’s the perfect symbol of love.

MARQUISE – Finally, we have the marquise cut diamond. This is an elegant and sophisticated diamond shape, which can be traced back to the Royal Family. It optimizes carat weight, which is great for those with a limited budget.

Go All-Out on Wedding Photos – It’s Worth It


There are a lot of things to consider when you’re preparing for a wedding. You’ve got to pick a venue (and then make sure that venue looks exactly like you want it to!). You need to pick dresses and suits. There are meals and desserts to consider; cakes, dietary needs, et cetera. The list stretches on for quite some time. A lot of people actually end up cutting a few things here and there from their initial plans, simply because things end up getting so hectic and expensive!

Wedding photography is one of the things that a lot of couples end up feeling is superfluous. And it’s not like there aren’t decent enough arguments for taking this view. After all, we’re in 2017; most of us have smartphones that have really good quality cameras. So why think about wedding photography that much? Just let the guests take a bunch of photos and then compile them in a Facebook gallery later. Simple. Hiring a wedding photographer certainly seems like a step too far.

Even if you do see much of the benefit of having a professional photographer at the scene, there’s still the expense to consider. And, yes, it’s true – wedding photographers are hardly the cheapest people in the world to hire. Many people reject the idea because it doesn’t seem worth the cost. However, it is worth pointing out that the photographer has to deal with a lot of expensive equipment, and the processing afterwards takes quite a lot of time and effort. So the expense of the logistics can be justified – but still, can the photos really be that much better?

Well, you need to remember just how important wedding photos are. While nothing can replace the memory of having been involved in such a beautiful day, photos are always great things to look at every so often – and they’re also great for people who weren’t there.


A lot of people will say that all the time and effort that goes into arranging everything else means that professional wedding photography becomes much less important. But the opposite could be argued. That elaborate cake? Those gorgeous dresses and suits? Those Verragio rings? The stunning venue? When everything is so incredible, and so much effort (and money!) went into them, then getting the best photos you can of those things actually seems to make a lot of sense!


The more crisp, detailed, beautiful, and skilled the photography, the better the photos are going to be at fulfilling their purpose: capturing the day for eternity. We often use photographs as a form of cognitive time travel; seeing a photograph can help take us right back to the moments in which they were taken. Photos with more clarity are better at triggering the memories you thought were forgotten.

Plus, you’ve also got to think about how busy everyone will be! Sure, people will be more than happy to take photos which they’ll share with you later. But there will be a bunch of specific shots that you want throughout the evening, as well as casual shots in which no-one is posing. Why burden guests with these photographic responsibilities? It’s much easier to get these shots if you hire a photographer.

9 Ideas For A More Unique Wedding

No self-respecting woman would want their wedding to be a clone of the last one their guests went to. This is meant to be the happiest day of your life, and it should reflect everything that makes you who you are. Obviously, there are certain conventions you might want to stick to, but there’s still a lot of opportunity for making your wedding unique. Here, we’ll list nine great ideas for personalising your big day…

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Turn the Food into Entertainment

The reception, just as much as the ceremony, should be a reflection of the happy couple. If the groom is a beer enthusiast, plan for an ale tasting session in the cocktail hour. If you’re both foodies, consider a tapas-style tasting menu paired with signature cocktails and wine, rather than the boring old 3-course plated meal.

Be Creative with the Accommodation

If you’ve got a large budget to play with on your big day, or you’re not going to be accommodating for all that many people, then why not breathe some creativity into the guest accommodation. No hotel? Set up a luxury campground on your property or a rented plot where your closest family and friends can come to stay.

Get Unique Menus and Invitations

The invitations are one of the first things you’re going to have to plan for, so don’t send out the same old templates that half of your guests have seen before. There are many companies like Pure Invitation where you can customise invites that will really capture the mien of your big day. You can also get creative with the menus at guest place settings. Why not print it onto white bakery bags, filled with freshly made bread? This will make the menus not only visually appealing, but also a pleasing little welcome gift for your guests.

Make Dessert a Big Design Piece

Weddings aren’t typically the place where you’d expect to find extravagant food displays, barring perhaps the cake. Everyone loves dessert, so why not put the sweet stuff in the spotlight? Consider a dessert bar made to look like a patisserie or an extravagant chocolate fountain.

Edible Escort Cards

Most escort cards at weddings are minimalist and printed on squares of cheap paper; something that will easily be forgotten and thrown away by most of the guests. Making them edible instead will not only make life easier for the cleaners, but will ensure that they’re another detail your guests will never forget. Try some cupcakes with the guests’ names or table numbers written on the top in icing.

Hangover Kit Favours

The favours you receive as a wedding guest are another detail that can wind up being a little “cookie cutter”. Instead of the standard, cheap gifts, send your guests home with something that they’ll actually have a use for: hangover kits. Sleeping blindfolds and painkillers, presented in a nice gift bag that reflects the mien of your wedding, will certainly be appreciated!

Get Creative with the Guestbook

We’ve all signed a lot of wedding guestbooks, and most of them have followed the same typical template. There are many ways to can get a little creative with yours. One great idea is having a jigsaw made from a lovely picture of you and your partner, and letting guests sign the backs of the pieces.

Have a Confetti Drop During the First Dance

The first dance is always one of the most memorable parts of a wedding, and adding a confetti drop to it will make the moment even more special, and ensure your ceremony is memorable to everyone involved. It will also offer some stunning photo opportunities to your photographer! If your song is a particularly gentle and romantic ballad, you might want to swap out the confetti for some fresh flower petals instead.

Have a Breath-Taking Exit

You might wish the day could last forever, but every happy couple has to leave some time. However, you can still pump some unique wedding magic into this, and go out with a bang. Forget the petals. Instead, line the exit with whatever you want. Couples have had crazy amounts of confetti, pre-folded paper airplanes, beach balls and other inflatables. There have even been ceremonies where the wedding band has brought their instruments out for a mini-parade to see the happy couple to their car. Whatever your preference, do something to make the send-off unique, and no one will forget your big day in a hurry!

If you were afraid of your wedding becoming another cookie-cutter affair, we hope this post has helped you plan one that’s perfect for you!

Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Jewelry

If you’re getting married soon, you’ve probably never had so many different things to think about at once. Not only do you have to think about the big things, such as finding the right caterer, you need to think about the little things, like cake toppers and shoes. One really important part of your overall wedding look is the bridal jewelry. How do you go about choosing bridal jewelry that enhances your look? Maybe even jewelry that you can wear again once the wedding is over. Here’s everything you need to know about bridal jewelry:


You Can Mix Borrowed And New

Don’t listen to what some people say about mixing borrowed and new jewelry. You can totally mix them, and they can look amazing! If you want to be sure that they look as good as possible, then make sure they have the same sort of ‘era’ look about them, or the same kind of finish. You can mix new pieces with your mother’s old heirlooms, or even vintage pieces you find yourself.

Your Look Must Be Balanced

When you put on your bridal jewelry, your look must be balanced. For example, an asymmetrical gown requires no necklace, as the neck is already interesting enough. If you add a necklace, it’s going to be ‘too much’ and just won’t have the impact you want. Always pay attention to the neckline of your dress, your sleeves, hairstyle, and whether you’re wearing a tiara/veil or not so you can find the perfect jewelry pieces.



Avoid Wearing A Watch

Watches can look pretty, but why would you wear a watch on your wedding day? You want this day to last as long as possible! The more you look at your watch, the quicker the day will go. Leave this to your maid of honor, wedding planner, and the people you’ve enlisted to help you. Wear a pretty bracelet instead.


You Shouldn’t Over Accessorize

Your wedding day isn’t the time to pile on the accessories. You don’t want to over accessorize. Getting the balance right and keeping it understated is usually a safe bet.



You Should Never Compromise Your True Style

Your wedding day isn’t the time to try out new styles or follow trends, either. You should never compromise your true style. More and more people are personalising their wedding days, and this makes for an incredible day. You are able to tell people a little about yourself with your jewelry. There’s no need to stick to the traditional ‘bridal’ look. You can be a punk bride, a rockabilly bride, a mermaid bride…the list goes on.


Try Not To Cut Corners

When selecting your jewelry, try not to cut corners. You’re probably on some kind of budget, but it’s definitely worth investing in the jewelry. Your jewelry is going to be in every single picture. This is why it doesn’t make a lot of sense when brides splash out on expensive shoes that people maybe see once the whole day! If you need an idea of what to expect this guide explains how much quality diamonds should cost. Your bridal jewelry could get passed down to your children one day!


You Can Add More or Change Jewelry For The Reception

Don’t be afraid to add more jewelry, or change it for the reception. For instance, bangles may have been too noisy during the ceremony, but now you can pile them on!

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry is a big part of modern weddings. It’s where you finally get to accessorize your outfit and make it your own. But choosing the right jewelry can be difficult. We’ve all seen our fair share of blunders from both bride and groom. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for wedding jewelry.


DO Change Your Jewelry For The Reception

As you probably already know, your jewelry has a massive impact on the look and feel of your wedding dress and the whole of your wedding. This is why it’s such a good idea to change out of your wedding jewelry at the reception: it’ll help create an entirely different atmosphere and show that you’re ready to party. If you’ve been sitting on some statement bangles or big, hooped earrings, this is the time to put them on.

Don’t Wear Wire Earrings


Wire earrings are fine for when you’re just going out on a night out. But when it comes to wedding attire, they leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, wire earrings have a habit of looking cheap and homemade – DIY even. For that reason, it’s probably best to leave them at home.

Do Wear Matching Wedding Rings

Many couples choose their wedding rings separately. But if you’re one of those people who love everything to be matching and themed, then matching rings might be just the thing for you. Check out these amazing wedding bands for men. Many of them are similar in style to more feminine rings, meaning that you can match them up together.

Don’t Cut Corners

We’ve all got budgets we need to satisfy. But some of us take cutting corners too far, especially when it comes to jewelry. Remember, wedding jewelry really is meant to last a lifetime. Also, don’t forget that the accessories you wear will be in all your wedding photos which will also last a lifetime. You don’t want some cheap, tacky jewelry you bought from a high street store for teenagers, especially if you’ve bought an expensive dress.

Do Use Color In Your Jewelry

The best accessories should complement the rest of your attire. If you’ve gone for a white dress, consider adding touches of color by adding red earrings or a sapphire necklace. Adding jewelry will lend some pizazz to your outfit, making it stand out.

Don’t Forget Your Personal Style

Many brides feel pressured to look a certain way at their wedding. As a result, they choose a generic white wedding dress that doesn’t show off their individuality. That’s a real shame.

Good wedding dress shops should talk to you about the styles that you prefer so that you can be matched to a dress that fits your personality. You shouldn’t have to force yourself into a dress you don’t feel confident wearing, especially when you’ve got so many other things to think about, like the guest list.

Do Give Yourself Lots Of Time

Finally, spend at least half as much time as you spend looking for the perfect dress looking for accessories to go with it. You’ll need to select your jewelry three months at least before the big day.


Getting Hitched On A Thursday: 5 Reasons Why This Is A Great Idea

A wedding is always an occasion worth celebrating, and it’s an event that should be fun and memorable for everyone involved! Most people decide to get married on a Saturday or Sunday, with some deciding to go on their honeymoon soon afterward.


Of course, some folks opt for a weekday wedding for various reasons. Is that something you and your spouse-to-be are considering? If so, you might be wondering which day is best. Believe it or not, Thursday is often a good choice instead of the other days of the week. Let me share with you five intriguing reasons why this is the case:



  1. You’ll save money

Perhaps the biggest advantage of getting married during the week, in particular, on a Thursday, is the cost savings you would make. If you hire a destination wedding planner, it’s not unheard of for prices to be lower on a weekday than during the weekend.


The cost of hiring wedding officials and paying for supplies is also cheaper than the weekend due to lower demand. That means couples have more money to spend on their big day or even towards the cost of their honeymoons!


  1. Your guests can make a long weekend out of it

When you have guests traveling from afar, it’s likely they will not wish to go back home on the same day. The obvious answer is for them to stay overnight somewhere local to the venue.

If you have your wedding day on a Thursday, they can book off both that day and Friday from work, giving them a four-day weekend! That gives them more time to celebrate your wedding with you and to do other activities on the other days.


  1. You can spend Friday recovering, and go on your honeymoon on Saturday

Most people know that a wedding is an involved time for the bride and groom. They will usually spend the next day recovering from the previous day’s festivities. Having a Thursday wedding makes sense as you and your new spouse can rest and relax on Friday.

You will both feel refreshed and ready to go for your honeymoon trip if you set off on Saturday!


  1. Higher chance of getting the perfect venue

Part of any wedding planning strategy involves selecting the right venue. As you can appreciate, each couple will have their specific requirements for a location.

Because weekend weddings are so common, venues usually get booked up quite quickly. That means couples either have to wait longer to tie the knot, or they have to opt for a second-best choice.

When you decide to get married on a Thursday, you’ll find it much easier to select the perfect venue.

  1. Weekends don’t always have the best weather

Have you ever noticed that weekdays sometimes have better weather than on the weekend? You might think that a bit of rain won’t spoil your big day, but it might not be much fun for your guests!

Yes, it’s impossible to predict the weather with 100% accuracy. But, you could be lucky and find out that your Thursday wedding will offer blue skies and warm sunshine.

Attention, Brides! The Only Money-Saving Tips You’ll Need

If you’ve started planning your wedding, you’ll probably have noticed that it’s a pricey business. The average US wedding now costs in the region of $26,000. If this figure induces instant panic, don’t worry. There are ways to plan a dreamy day without going bankrupt. If you’re a bride on a budget, these are the only money-saving tips you’ll ever need.

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When to get married

If you’ve done a bit of research already, you may have noticed that the cost of hiring venues tends to vary according to the time of year. In peak wedding season, you’ll pay premium fees. If you’re desperate to get married in the summer or you dream of a festive-themed celebration, you may not even consider going for an off-season wedding. But if you’re flexible, and you don’t mind risking a bit of rain, you could save a huge amount of money. Weddings between January and March and October and December tend to be much cheaper. You can take advantage of lower rates, and you also have the benefit of getting married at a time of year when there aren’t weddings every weekend. There’s a better chance of your guests being able to make the ceremony, and you don’t have to be sandwiched between other events.

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Shopping around

As soon as you add the prefix wedding, you’re going to pay higher prices. If you can, try and avoid shopping for items that are specifically designed for weddings. Take bridesmaid dresses, for example. You’ll pay hundreds of dollars for a gown in a bridal boutique, but you could get almost exactly the same dress online or on the high street for a fraction of the price because it’s sold as a formal or occasion dress rather than a dress solely reserved for bridesmaids.


It’s a really good idea to compare prices on everything you buy. If you can make savings on everything from table decorations and palladium wedding rings to suit hire and floral centerpieces, you’ll save a huge sum. The Internet is an excellent resource. It enables you to see prices from different retailers and find the cheapest suppliers.


When you’re on the lookout for your wedding dress, ask to see samples, and keep an eye out for trunk shows. Some stores are happy to negotiate on price, so always ask if the RRP is the best offer available.

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DIY weddings

DIY weddings are incredibly popular. If you’re a creative person and you’ve got a team of willing helpers, you can create everything from napkin holders and place cards to favors and table plans. Match your masterpieces to your theme, and search online for ideas. If you are getting crafty, always buy in bulk to get the best prices. If you have artistic flair, you can save a lot of money by buying plain cakes and icing them yourself. If you want the show-stopping multi-tier wedding cake, all you have to do is buy three or four cakes of different sizes and put them together using dowelling or arrange them on a tiered cake stand.

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially when it comes to balancing the books. If you’re on a budget, you can still have the day of your dreams. Hopefully, these money-saving tips will enable you to enjoy a perfect day without any anxiety about overspending.

Creative Ways To Add Your Personality To Your Wedding Day

Creative Ways To Add Your Personality To Your Wedding Day



No one wants a wedding day that is exactly the same as all the rest. More and more couples are opting for unique weddings that are unlike anything that has gone before! One of the best ways you can help your whole day stand out from the crowd is to add lots of personal touches and details to the day. Here are some great ways you can do just that.

Create Your Own Invitation


Personalised wedding stationery is one of the easiest ways to add some personality to your wedding. The stationery includes invites and place markers on the reception tables. As the invites will be the first thing your guests see, they are a great way to give them an idea of the style and theme of your wedding. So make sure they match the overall style that you want to give your ceremony. Don’t forget to send out save the date cards as well. These are sent before the official invitations to make sure that guests aren’t busy on the day of your wedding. They should also have a personal touch and reflect the style of your wedding as well.


Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Ask a future bride what the biggest part of their wedding day will be, and I’m sure that they will all tell you the same thing. The dress, of course! And what better way of making your dress stand out of the crowd than by designing your own. There are now a number of bridal shops that let brides design their own gowns. Even if your local bridal shop doesn’t, you might still be able to add on some special accessories to help make your dress your very own.

Write Your Own Vows


A lot of couples are now choosing to write their own vows. One of the main reasons is because they aren’t particularly religious and would rather recite secular vows. But there are also other reasons why people choose to come up with their own. One of the main reasons is that is a cute personal touch which gives your wedding guests a glimpse into your relationship. Personal vows also give you something to remember. In fact, many couples now get their vows printed out and framed.


Create A Hashtag

Do you want to make sure that you don’t miss a tweet or Instagram post about your wedding? Well, why not create a hashtag that your guests can all use for their posts. Then after the ceremony, you only have to search on social media for these hashtags. And you can find all the posts and pictures in one place!

Create Your Own Playlist

A DJ is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for the evening party. But why get a DJ who is going to play a lot of random tunes that don’t mean anything to you and your partner? Instead, create your very own wedding playlist. You might even prefer to give your DJ a list of songs that you want him to play throughout the night!